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90 Day Fiance Tragic Death & Stories You Probably Didn't Know About


“Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts.” 90 Day Fiance Tragic Death and Stories that happen to Jason Hitch, Darcy and Stacy Silva , Armando and Kenneth, Alums Olga , Geoffrey Paschel...

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By Dimer au Congo
10 months ago
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Much of the 90 Day Fiance cast has experienced hardship in their personal lives. The series highlights beautiful love stories that leave viewers cheering for their relationship.

One of the key reasons for the exceptional success of the 90 day fiance franchise is the show's various cast members that always bring their A-game and captivate viewers with their quirky personalities.

It's hard to imagine that some of the reality stars that appeared on the 90 Day Fiance series have passed away or experienced brutal tragedies in their lives.

Armando Rubio and Kenneth Niedermeyer

Kenneth Niedermeyer and Armando Rubio made History as the first gay couple to star in the popular TLC franchise . Before Armando found love with Kenneth, He was married for six years but got separated from his wife, who was around seven months pregnant when she lost her life in a tragic accident.

Divulging all the details of the unfortunate incident he took to Instagram and stated during the divorce proceedings on the evening of her passing, a disagreement took place over the finances.

"I thought it would be best to leave the situation and return to my home."

90 Day Fiance  Armando Rubio ex wife death

He explained that while driving back, he got hit by another car.

" I was shocked when I was suddenly struck from behind and then was hit again."

Soon he realized that it was his ex wife who was venting out her anger at him before he could react.

"She lost control of her vehicle and the car flipped causing her death."

90 Day Fiance Tragic Death & Stories You Probably Didn't Know About

Armando not only lost the mother of his child, but also his unborn baby during that awful accident .

Alums Olga Koshimbetova

It's heartbreaking to see our favorite reality stars go through tragedy, but no one has experienced something as gruesome and spine chilling as '90 Day Fiance' season 6 Alums Olga Koshimbetova.

90 Day Fiance Alums Olga Koshimbetova tragic death of her siters

When she was when she was 13 her 25 year old sister Alexandra was allegedly murdered by her own parents Sergei and Elena. During the Christmas celebration, it is reported that Olga's sister heard voices in her head that her parents thought were because Alexandra married the Devil, they performed an exorcism to save her, during which they seemingly forced her 5 liters of holy water.

Later, they disemboweled her and Trampled her to death to leave her in a crucifix position, believing her body would rise again after three days.

During this horrific event, Olga was hiding in a different room with her sister's two children, the star's whole life changed after her sister's murder.

She ended up losing her entire family as her parents were sentenced to an asylum while she went to live in an orphanage.

Though the horrific incident was not addressed on the show, Olga made an Instagram post where she shared photos of her family and confirmed the brutal incident.

"I'm not going into details, but in 2011 , My sister died because of my parents and they went to the mental hospital ". She further stated that , despite everything, she still loved her parents a lot and kept in touch with them.

90 Day Fiance Alums Olga Koshimbetova what happened to her parents and sister

She ended the post by emphasizing the importance of mental health and the power of forgiveness.


90 Day Fiancé: Olga Confirms The Tragic Truth About Her Sister & Parents

Geoffrey Paschel

Geoffrey Paschel is undoubtedly one of the most controversial figures in the entire franchise's history, given his track record of multiple arrests and jail stints.

Still, it's hard not to sympathize with the star who lost his 13 month old son Kazem due to a seizure a few months before he appeared on the show.

90 Day Fiance   Geoffrey Paschel son death

On the season four premiere of 90 Day Fiance : Before the 90 days, a distraught Geoffrey opened up about his loss.

"I've had a lot of heartbreak in my life, but by far the absolute worst is what happened to Kazem."

Sharing details about how his son lost his life. The TLC alarm added he was a year and a month old. He was at the house and he had a seizure.

He rushed Kazem to a hospital where doctors placed the toddler in a medically induced coma, but he failed to recover. Geoffrey and his ex wife then made the heartbreaking decision to take their child off of life support back in May 2020 .

Geoffrey released a video titled Breaking My Silence in response to the Internet rumor mill that accused him of killing his son, declaring the accusations as the most ridiculous and hurtful experience of his life.

Besides his son's actual death, he shared medical records, social worker documents and other details linked to his son's passing.

Ellie Rose

90 Day Fiance : The Other Way star Ellie Rose fell in love at first at first sight when she met Victor McLean on the beach while backpacking across South America.

It was the reality star second chance at love since her first marriage. Ended in the worst way possible.

90 Day Fiance : The Other Way star Ellie Rose late husband

Ellie was blissfully married to her husband Matt. But fate had other plans just eleven months into their marriage, she discovered her husband had died in his sleep, She stated, " I went to bed early that night, and when I woke up, I discovered him and he was dead ".

Matt passed away on August 7th, 2004, when he was just 36 years old. As per the coroner's report, he accidentally overdosed on a prescription painkiller.

Ellie admitted her life was never the same after that horrible incident, " it changed my life, you know, forever," she confessed, calling the memory awful and something she could never recover from the fear of losing someone and going through the process again kept her from opening up her heart completely to someone until she met Victor and remarried.

Robber revealed that his six children are helping him get through life by encouraging him to keep on pushing despite all the obstacles.

Jason Hitch

Jason Hitch appeared in the second season of the series, died at 45 following complications from COVID-19, according to his sister Shannon, Jason was unvaccinated but had no preexisting medical conditions.

90 Day Fiance Jason Hitch

The Army veteran passed away in a Florida ICU surrounded by his family. On December 14th, Cassia Travis shared a heartfelt message Remembering her ex-husband writing,

" It's always sad when someone you spend part of your life with stops breathing, I guess one could never be prepared for that I wasn't, today when I started receiving messages, I thought it was a joke. I'm shocked. "

My condolences to his family and friends. Rest in peace, Jason.

Annie and Robert Springs

The much loved couple share the news of their son, Adrian's birth last September, and fans were ecstatic for the couple. So it came as a shock to everyone.

90 Day Fiance Annie and Robert Springs so pass away

When their beloved son passed away, just seven months later, announcing the death of her son on April 21st and she stated that this was one of the worst days of her life.

RELATED : 90 Day Fiance: Adriel Hassan Springs Anny & Robert's 7-month-old son, has tragically passed away

"My son Adriel Spring died. I'm devastated and my family life is so hard and difficult", she continued. "I never thought I would lose my son. He was a fighter. His heart couldn't take it. My heart is broken. It's a big pain, so difficult." The reality star went through the worst time imaginable for any parent.

Robber revealed that his six children are helping him get through life by encouraging him to keep on pushing despite all the obstacles.

The Army veteran passed away in a Florida ICU surrounded by his family. On December 14th, Cassia Travis shared a heartfelt message Remembering her ex-husband writing,

Darcy and Stacy Silva

Darcy and Stacy Silva have had their fair share of difficulties and personal woes, but none compared to the pain of losing their only other sibling. Their brother, Michael Silva passed away from a very rare form of cancer called Ewing Sarcoma.

90 Day Fiance Darcy's Brother who passed away

In 1998, he was a member of the New Haven Police Academy in Connecticut and was engaged at the time of his demise.

Their brother's tragic death had a profound impact on the twin's lives, and they created the House of 11 fashion brand in his memory. The name was chosen in honor of Michael, who was born on May 11, and died on July 11, taking their brother's legacy forward.

The sisters donate a huge share of their profits to the Michael John Silva, the Second Cancer Foundation.

The sisters donate a huge share of their profits to the Michael John Silva, the Second Cancer Foundation.

Stacey Silva’s Husband Florian Sukaj

Florian Sukaj receives unpleasant news from home in November 2021. He learned that his sister, Elmira Sukaj, had died. He stated that she would live on in his memories.

'90 Day Fiance 'Stacey Silva’s Husband Florian Sukaj late sister

Florian and his sister were very close, and his wife, Stacey, got along well with her. Elmira Sukaj passed away, leaving behind her husband and children.

The TLC performer revealed that as a child, she suffered from an unexplained disease. His parents were warned by doctors that she wouldn't live long.

He said that she was sick on and off for about six years and was never diagnosed with a diagnosis despite multiple tests. However, speculations suggested that it was most likely cancer.

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