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90 Day Fiancé: Rishi Singh's "Indian Jesus" Comment Causes Controversy

90 Day Fiancé: Rishi Singh's "Indian Jesus" Comment Causes Controversy


Discover the story behind Rishi Singh's controversial "Indian Jesus" comment on 90 Day Fiancé and its impact on cultural sensitivity. Read our expert analysis for more.

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By Maggie Watson
2 months ago
3 min Read

90 Day Fiancé is a popular reality TV show that follows the lives of couples who are in a relationship and are on a 90-day fiancé visa.

The show has been a hit with viewers since its inception, and it has been praised for its raw and real depictions of relationships. However, it's not just the relationships that have been making headlines; the show's participants are also making waves with their controversial comments and actions.

One such participant is Rishi Singh, who recently made a comment that has caused a stir among fans.

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Rishi Singh's Comment

Rishi Singh, who appeared on the show with his fiancé, is being criticized for his recent comment in which he referred to himself as "Indian Jesus". The comment was made during an episode of the show and has since sparked a lot of backlash from fans.

Some have called it disrespectful, while others have called it an insensitive remark. Regardless of the opinion, it's clear that the comment has caused a lot of controversy among fans.

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