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Gino & Jasmine Got Engaged | '90 day fiancé'

Gino & Jasmine Got Engaged | '90 day fiancé'


Gino Palazzolo bought Jasmine Pineda a $270 engagement ring on 90 Day Fiance. Why do fans believe it's a terrible idea to get involved?

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By Maggie Watson
a year ago
3 min Read

Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda may have gotten back together before the 90 Days on 90 Day Fiancé. However, if they get engaged, it's doubtful that they'll have a happily ever after. Gino, 51, met Jasmine (a 34-year-old single mother from Panama City) on an international dating service after a string of failed local dates.

Gino had a sugar daddy background that he kept secret from Jasmine, as did the fact that he was still in contact with one of his sugar baby ex-girlfriends. Gino was discovered emailing her nudes to an ex after Jasmine caught him, resulting in a nasty argument between the 90 Day Fiancé pair. Fans expected the couple to split up, but in a narrative twist, Gino persuaded Jasmine that he really loved her, and she swiftly returned him.

Gino has been treading cautiously and trying his best not to upset Jasmine since learning how simple it would be for him to lose her if he doesn't keep her happy. After they reconciled, Jasmine brought Gino to Western Panama to meet her mother and sister. Gino left B90's Jasmine alone to go exploring when they arrived in David City and settled into their resort, despite the fact that he had a different plan. Gino found himself at a jewelry shop, where he purchased an engagement ring for Jasmine.

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"I want to ask her to marry me before I return to the United States," Gino said, ultimately settling on a $270 ring. Gino hoped Jasmine would appreciate the ring since she thought he had bad taste. Gino was on a "super budget" since he was jobless after losing his work during the COVID-19 epidemic, and he couldn't afford a costly ring for Jasmine.

"I hope Jasmine realizes how serious I am about this ring and, despite all of our troubles, she says yes," Gino acknowledged. Fans question whether it's smart for Gino and Jasmine of B90 to ignore all that's transpired in the last few days and go right into marriage and a future together. While Gino's aim was to return to the United States after marrying Jasmine, after a year of online dating, he was the one hiding secrets from her.

While Gino was aware of Jasmine's reservations about his ex-wives, he maintained contact with one and even abused Jasmine's trust by emailing her intimate images to the lady. Gino wanted to show the lady how attractive _Jasmine was to spite her, which might be a hint that he's still not over her.

Worse, the pair are back to square one after their disagreement in San Jose, which nearly got violent when Jasmine snatched Gino's hat off his head. For one thing, Jasmine would never trust Gino again, as seen by her need for "proof and reports" when he went ring shopping.

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