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Why The Family Chantel Fans Dislike Chantel Jimeno

Why The Family Chantel Fans Dislike Chantel Jimeno


Many The Family Chantel followers are saddened by Chantel Jimeno's divorce, but some also believe she has grown unbearable in recent years.

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By Emma Watson
6 months ago
3 min Read

Popular The star of The Family Chantel, Chantel Everett, has received a lot of compassion over the course of the last several months; yet, as of late, many fans find her to be intolerable for a number of reasons.

The reality star, who is now 31 years old, rose to fame thanks to her spin-off series, The Family Chantel, in which she stars alongside her formerly married but now divorced spouse, Pedro Jimeno.

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The couple used to be known as one of the TLC franchise's most endearing couples, but over the years, they've degenerated into a pale imitation of their former selves. In the year 2022, Chantel and Pedro are not living together anymore because they finalized their divorce in May of the previous year.

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As a result of the separation of the pair, many fans have come forward to provide assistance to Chantel rather than her husband, Pedro. Fans of the show 90 Day Fiancé believe that the native of Atlanta should receive assistance because they have witnessed her making real efforts to salvage her marriage.

Fans, however, do not believe that Pedro should be afforded any compassion because he has displayed uncaring conduct and has failed to communicate with them.

Even still, there are some people who are under the impression that Pedro and Chantel are equally to blame for the failure of their marriage. Fans of the show 90 Days to a Fiancé say that registered nurse Chantel is the one who is the most intolerable and overdramatic character on the show.

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