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Evrything started with the group THE 90 DAY FIANCE HOT SEAT GROUP and If Your not a member please join now here . Trust me Its Fun !. we're over 20k beautyfull people. Welcome!!!
Since its inception in 2021, HotSeatMag has evolved to become good community and most renowned TLC entertainment news sites in the world, serving more than 13k people in the last month alone.

We don't simply report on TLC Tv Shows like 90 Day Fiance, Happy Ever After , The '90 Day':Single Life..., short stories, crime stories, food and recipes...; we editorialize it with unique perspective that appeals to a wide range of readers, from casual entertainment fans to diehard enthusiasts readers .

Hot Seat Media is the ultimate TLC entertainment portal, providing news, reviews, and very soon podcasts on television, cinema, and video reviews, as well as 'in the future' YouTube channel , among other things.

Hot Seat Media, which is supported on any platform, The team is comprised of passionate people like Me Dimer Bwimba akaDimer au Congo I'm the CEO, CTO , Software Developper,..., And My Dog Hannah who's the Product manager of the site,... . We are united by a passion for all things entertainment and a desire to create and to provide the best user experience , as well as the most engaging, content possible for visitors to our site, which is why we created Hot Seat Magazine.

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