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Viewers Slam Thaís For Unappreciative Behavior On '90 Day Fiancé' ,"She needs a lecture from Bilal "

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On the ninth season of 90 Day Fiance, Thaís and Patrick have recently moved into a new home with Patrick's brother John, and viewers are criticizing Thaís for her reaction to the relocation.

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By Florentina Flora
9 months ago
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After a rocky start in April, fans of 90 Day Fiance season 9 are no longer fan of Thaís Ramone's relationship with Patrick Mendes because of her ungrateful attitude and manipulative actions.

Thaís , who is 25 years old, and Patrick, who is half Brazilian, met in Brazil while Patrick was there visiting his relatives. After numerous additional trips to Brazil, Patrick, a former professional weightlifter, proposed to Thaís . The newly wedded couple hoped for Thaís to relocate to Texas and live with Patrick and his brother, John, and their 90 Day Fiance season 9 debut began with Patrickwaiting for Thas at the airport.

Viewers Slam Thaís  For Unappreciative Behavior On '90 Day Fiancé' ,"She needs a lecture from Bilal "

However, as soon as Thaís arrived in the United States, her connection with Patrick began to fray. Thaís has been open about her distaste for John from the beginning and has not been shy about insulting Patrick's brother on 90 Day Fiancé.

Thaís and Patrick still together ? '90 Day Fiancé'

Tensions between the three have only risen since the group moved into Patrick's freshly purchased two-story home, from questioning John's drink selections at breakfast to calling him "crazy." Patrick instantly contested all of Thaís' objections and told his fiancée that John's presence on the second level was only temporary, but it's evident that Thaís' opinions haven't changed (yet).

With Patrick's efforts to offer a wonderful life for Thaís in America, Thaís continued to criticize not just Patrick and John, but also Patrick's $500,000 mansion, calling it "tiny" and "a mess" in TLC's June 5 program. Patrick is "very courteous to her, faithful, and overall...a very kind man," according to facebook user darcey davis.

Facebook users quickly agreed and slam Thaís for being unappreciative, and several others criticizing Thaís for demeaning the house's size despite living in an even smaller home in Brazil. Furthermore, Thaís's constant complaining despite not contributing anything to the relationship irritates viewers, with one user commenting, "The fact that she contributes nothing and demands a perfect, expensive mansion makes her a massive, international loser."

Thaís and Patrick still together ? '90 Day Fiancé'

"Anyone else can’t stand Thaís ??? My my, watching her and how she attempts to manipulate Patrick with the whole John living with them thing is almost unbearable. "Oh you don't love me," like what, Patrick is def one of the greatest males on the show, he is incredibly nice to her, faithful, and overall I feel he's a very sweet man and she is so rude and UNGRATEFUL. Also…. What was she saying about the new house in Dallas? Are you kidding me? I can't stand her, and I'm glad Patrick stood up for himself and his brother when she wanted to have a pity party for John. Let it go. Be grateful that you have a man who respects you and takes good care of you. Sorry for the rant. I simply couldn't believe it. However, I could be wrong lol.", By darcey devis on facebook

Aside from that, 90 Day Fiancé viewers are particularly irritated with Thaís ' behavior since they don't appreciate how she treats John after claiming that family is essential to her. While some fans admit that Patrick and John are definitely codependent, many others believe that Thaís is being unreasonable in her attitude toward living with her prospective brother-in-law.

Thaís and Patrick still together ? '90 Day Fiancé'

"Is she correct to object to her fiancée's brother staying with them? Sure. But his fiancée does not work or contribute to Patrick's household, and John is his brother," one Redditor writes, adding that Thaís exudes "serious entitled/spoiled brat vibes."" Another observes that the relationship between Patrick and John is too complex for viewers—and probably Thaís as well—to fully fathom, stating, "There is clearly a bond between the two brothers that we do not understand. We cannot pass judgment on Patrick."

Although Thaís and Patrick's bond on 90 Day Fiancé started off on a positive note, viewers have had enough of Thaís . Fans have already identified Emily Bieberly, Kara Bass, and Bilal Hazziez as the season 9 villains. Thaís may be added to the list depending on how Thaís and Patrick's journey progresses.

Source : Darcey Davis / Facebook

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