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Christine Brown tells Kody she’s moving to Utah in ‘Sister Wives’ exclusive clip

Christine Brown tells Kody she’s moving to Utah in ‘Sister Wives’ exclusive clip


The couple's breakup plays out in the latest season of the TLC reality show.

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By Darcey Davis
6 months ago
3 min Read

In the upcoming episode of "Sister Wives," which will air on TLC on September 18 at 10 p.m. Eastern Time and Pacific Time (ET/PT), Christine Brown is getting ready to make a huge step to solve the issues that have arisen in her multiple marriage.

In the episode that aired on September 18 of the TLC series, the reality star revealed to her soon-to-be-ex-husband that she is in the process of packing her belongings and moving out of their shared residence. The couple had previously disclosed that they were divorcing in November 2021.

TODAY was provided with an exclusive film in which it begins with the 50-year-old stating to the 53-year-old that from this point forward, they are just going to be friends. She then reveals that she will be relocating to Salt Lake City from Arizona, which is where Brown and his wife now call home.

It would indicate that Kody is not fond of the concept. He expressed his thoughts by saying, "I'm really not in the mentality of becoming pals."

Kody provided an explanation for his worries by stating that he was considering the experiences of two of his prior lovers, Janelle Brown and Robyn Brown (he is officially married to Robyn), both of whom experienced conflict with the partners they had previously been with.

"They do not maintain healthy connections with any of their previous partners. I really hope that doesn't take place in this location. I don't want Christine to go around the country telling people that I'm a terrible person because I don't want her to do that "he added.

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The former couple was married for a total of six times throughout the course of their 25-year marriage. Kody expresses concern that it would be difficult for him to visit his youngest kid if Christine moves to Salt Lake City, which is eight hours away from where he resides. This is in response to Christine's announcement that she will be moving.

He says, "That's sort of unrealistic for us given the circumstances with our kids." "That's sort of unrealistic for us."

After that, Kody asks Christine the following question: "Would we be splitting up if you didn't need to travel to Utah?"

The way Christine responded gives the impression that she does not believe their marriage was going to last regardless of what happened.

She utters the following phrase: "I don't know, but I think that we wouldn't last."

Christine Brown alleges Kody Brown has a ‘favorite wife’ in ‘Sister Wives’ debut

Christine Brown of "Sister Wives" and Kody Brown have decided to end their marriage. After spending the last 25 years in a plural marriage with Kody, Christine declared her intentions to quit her marriage in a post on Instagram in November of 2021. This information is not new to followers of the show "Sister Wives."

On the other hand, Season 17, which debuted on TLC on September 11th, delves into the debates that took place behind the scenes and led up to Christine's choice.

A lengthy talk that the couple had with one another about what went wrong in their marriage serves as the primary focus of the first episode, which is titled "It's Over."

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