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Ximena New Boyfriend Josh , Mike and Ximena Split | '90 day fiancé '


Ximena and mike The end is near . Morales shared a photo with a mystery man who’s rumored to be her new boyfriend as rumors of her breakup with Mike Berk continue to circulate

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By Robert Pattinson
a year ago
3 min Read

Pereira resident Ximena and New York native Mike’s storyline on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days was going through a happy phase with them getting engaged, but in real-time fans were shocked with the Colombian cast member’s antics.

Ximena New Boyfriend Josh , Mike and Ximena Split  | '90 day fiancé '

Ximena posted a romantic TikTok with a man who clearly wasn’t Mike featuring the man’s photos and screenshots of them during video calls. The man was identified as Josh Romeo, whom fans assumed was Ximena’s new boyfriend.

Meanwhile, fans also wondered how Ximena and Mike could have split so quickly when she started making serious allegations against the New Yorker. As per Ximena, Mike had not met her on Tinder but on a webcam website where she was working as a cam girl. Ximena accused Mike of being worse than a “sicario” and that he allegedly tried to hit her two times. Ximena erased Mike’s tattoo from her wrist as if to seemingly erase the memory of the man she almost married. So when Ximena shared a photo of her hand with an engagement ring on top of a man’s hand captioned, “Te amo mucho amor,” many were sure it wasn’t Mike but the mystery man with tattoos and facial hair who’s more of Ximena’s type.

A photo of Ximena with the man who seemingly is the same person from her viral TikTok video is now circulating on Instagram. Blogger @truecrime_jankie posted the selfie which appears to have been taken by Ximena. Sporting a large smile, Ximena is seated at a dining table surrounded by food and the man named Josh Romeo and her two sons Juan David, and Harold Steven. It’s unclear where the photo has been sourced from but it’s most likely to have been taken in Pereira, Colombia where Ximena currently is.

In the blogger’s comments, fans have been expressing shock and disgust at Ximena having supposedly moved on so quickly from Mike. Reactions such as, “Those poor kids exposed to so many men,” and “Poor kids I hope they’ll be safe being around all these men” can be seen on the post. One fan observed how Ximena never posted any photos of herself with Mike on her social media. Another joked that the dining table is the same one Mike had gifted to her during their long-distance romance. A few wondered what Ximena’s future on 90 Day Fiancé will look like since she likely must have violated her NDA already with her posts and accusations about Mike.

Meanwhile, Mike was spotted filming in New York recently confirming he’ll soon appear in a new 90 Day Fiancé season or spin-off. Fans suspect it is 90 Day: The Single Life, but the odds are that Ximena and his alleged breakup could become a part of their continuing storyline. Things anyway aren’t getting any better for them on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days as a scene will feature Mike running away from Ximena after telling her “I’m done.” Fans are looking forward to the Tell-All now to understand if their apparent split will be addressed. However, considering the timeline, they were still together when the reunion was filmed.

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