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Ximena Explains Why She Thinks Mike Is 'Crazy' | '90 day fiance'

Ximena Explains Why She Thinks Mike Is 'Crazy' | '90 day fiance'


Ximena from 90 Day Fiancé explains why she thinks she is no longer in love with Mike, claiming there are a thousand factors that cause him to deteriorate.

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By Daniel Davis
a year ago
3 min Read

Ximena Morale has accused Mike Berk of being a "degenerate" after calling him "strange" on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. On the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off, Mike and Ximena's lovely love story has taken a wild turn on his second trip to Colombia. Mike, 34, has begun to grate on Ximena's nerves owing to his clinginess, prompting her to proclaim that she is not in love with him. While the true reason might be Mike's inability to pay for Ximena's cosmetic surgery, it's also his outlandish conduct that is bothering 24-year-old Ximena.

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Mike and Ximena had no business getting married or even dating in the first place, since they couldn't communicate in one other's languages. But Mike discovered love after 34 years of being single, altering his Tinder location to Colombia to entice Ximena to swipe him back. Mike spent a lot of money on Ximena and her children since he paid her rent, food, and household appliances.

Even money couldn't buy Ximena's affection or convince her to tolerate Mike's primary defect of being untidy. Mike's farting and burping, as well as his dropping soiled underpants on the floor, made Ximena feel disgusted. Despite assuring her that he would learn to be more neat during his proposal, Mike seems to have reverted to his old habits, so much so that having her breast implants done is now more important to Ximena than getting married to Mike.

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days episode 12, which was aired on 90 Day Fiancé's YouTube account,

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