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Why many  Fans Want Emily Out Of Pillow Talk

Why many Fans Want Emily Out Of Pillow Talk


90 Day Fiancé fans have mixed opinions on Emily Bieberly's Pillow Talk appearances, as some still do not like her, while she has grown on others.

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By Emily D.
4 months ago
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Some fans of 90 Day Fiancé aren't happy about Emily Bieberly's newfound regularity on Pillow Talk. Emily was one of the more divisive cast members on season 9 of 90 Day Fiancé, which she and her husband Kobe Blaise featured in. Many Kobe's admirers believed that Emily was harsh in how she handled Kobe and how little time he was allowed to spend with his kid Koban when he relocated from Cameroon to Kansas to live with Emily.

Emily's lack of independence and her insistence that Kobe acquire a job as soon as he was able led many viewers to view her as immature. Nonetheless, towards the conclusion of the show, Emily and Kobe were married, and they eventually had a daughter called Scarlett.

There has been a lot of controversy about Emily's frequent appearances on recent episodes of Pillow Talk. TheSwagPatrol started a thread on Reddit with the following post: "As in, why is this scum on every single episode of Pillow Talk? Because of her, it's completely unwatchable." Many commenters agreed quickly, saying that Emily was exactly as awful as she had been in the past.

A member named MamaJof4 on Reddit wrote, "I feel that she is making too much of an effort to win people over. Taking several steps to repair her reputation after being widely reviled during her stint on 90D." Many people thought Emily was trying too hard to make amends, and many found her efforts to be fake.

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As a result of her performance on Pillow Talk, many viewers have professed a newfound fondness for Emily. Camerabug4571 said on Reddit, "In the course of Pillow Talk, I've discovered to my surprise that I really like her company. Her keen eye for detail astounds me."

They went on to say that it struck them that Emily had observed Usman Umar hadn't brought his ring from Kim Menzies to meet his future second wife. Although Emily got a terrible rap on 90 Day Fiancé, many viewers have found that she has redeemed herself on Pillow Talk.

Emily's presence on Pillow Talk is likely well-received by the audience because of Kobe, a regular cast member who has quickly become a fan favorite.

Many of Emily's admirers are grateful that she has taken the time to think about her experience on 90 Days to a Wife and issue an apology. Emily is trying very hard to make up for her role as a series villain in the past. Emily must be relieved to have fewer detractors now because not every "villain" cast member gets to experience redemption.

Even though many viewers of 90 Day Fiancé hated Emily at first, they have warmed up to her in recent episodes. Pillow Talk viewers are split: some find Emily as as annoying as she was before, while others find her to be much more likeable. Many viewers like Emily's unique contribution to Pillow Talk and appreciate seeing more chemistry develop between Emily and Kobe.

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