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Why 80% of The Family Chantel Fans Dislike Pedro Jimeno


Fans of The Family Chantel are becoming increasingly frustrated by the unpleasant aspects of Pedro Jimeno's personality. They are no longer able to bear to observe his hypocritical behavior.

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By Maggie Watson
6 months ago
3 min Read

A member of "The Family," Pedro Jimeno Fans' perceptions of Chantel have evolved in recent years, since in the past they held that he was an even-tempered individual.

The native of the Dominican Republic is most known for his participation in the fourth season of the reality television show 90 Day Fiancé, during which he wed his American wife, Chantel Everett.

At first, the pair appeared to have a healthy relationship on the program, one that was full of joyful exchanges and affectionate actions. In spite of several disagreements over family matters, the two shared a great connection that the majority of people believed would go on for all of time.

After six years of marriage, sadly, it did not transpire, as the state of their relationship deteriorated over time.

Why 80% of The Family Chantel Fans Dislike Pedro Jimeno

The most recent season of The Family Chantel showed the audience Pedro acting in a very cold and distant manner toward Chantel as he was breaking up their marriage.

After some time had passed, he approached his wife with the request for a divorce, and she eventually came to terms with the fact that their marriage was doomed.

Since May 2022, when the initial petition was submitted, the couple has both sought and been granted restraining orders against one another. In addition to this, they have taken their disagreements to court, where Pedro has accused Chantel of draining the money from their shared bank account.

Even though Chantel's action was very severe, the majority of 90 Day Fiancé viewers are on her side for a variety of compelling reasons.

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Many people are under the impression that Pedro has violated the promises he made to Chantel at their wedding by reportedly having an affair with another woman.

The reality star, who is now 30 years old, is said to have possibly hooked up with other women, as the reports have it. However, some supporters are of the opinion that he cheated on his partner with a coworker rather than with his employer.

There is no evidence to support the infidelity allegations, and Chantel has not made it plain that she believes her spouse may have been unfaithful to her. The majority of Pedro's followers are of the opinion that his extra-marital affair was the cause of his sudden change in attitude toward his wife.

There is also the theory that Pedro never really loved Chantel and that he only exploited her as a stepping stone to a better life in the United States of America.

These assertions are given more credence by a handful of archival recordings published by The Family Chantel. In one of these movies, the real estate agent is heard stating that he will divorce his wife when he obtains his green card.

Because of this, the majority of people who watch 90 Day Fiancé are under the impression that the star of season 4 was plotting from the very beginning of the relationship and waiting until he could afford to be in the nation.

Because of his dishonest behavior on The Family Chanel, Pedro is now losing fans of his music. Recently, a member of the Reddit community by the name of ChemicalRelative470 posted a photo of Pedro in his dirty bedroom and called him out on it, asking,

"How does Pedro have the guts to call Chantel messy and lazy?"

Others shared this sentiment, stating that they believed Pedro to be an obvious hypocrite for living in such an unkempt condition.

Fans of The Family Chantel can't seem to stand Pedro any longer, and they believe that the program would be a great deal more amusing if he were removed from it.

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