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which 90 day fiance couples are still together ?

which 90 day fiance couples are still together ?


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By Maggie Watson
4 months ago
3 min Read

It’s been almost a decade of 90 Day Fiancé (and its numerous spinoffs), the wacky, addictive TLC series about long-distance couples who have just 90 days to wed on a fiancé visa. From nine seasons and countless spinoffs, which marriages had staying power? Let’s catch up with the show’s past couples!

We’re happy to say that many of the duos are still together, but as any fan who has seen spinoffs Happily Ever After and What Now? can attest, the couples who do split tend to do so with acrimony turned to 11!

Scroll through the gallery above for updates — the good, the bad, and the ugly — on the couples from the first eight seasons of 90 Day Fiancé.

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Russ & Paola (Season 1) Status: Married

Russ, from Owasso, Oklahoma, and Paola, from Bucaramanga, Colombia, married in 2013. They’ve since relocated to Miami so Paola could pursue her modeling and personal trainer career. The pair welcomed their first child, son Axel, on New Year’s Day 2019. Paola now works as a professional wrestler, personal trainer, and nutritional coach along with earning her Zumba instructor certification.

Alan & Kirlyam (Season 1) Status: Married

Alan, from Los Angeles, and Kirlyam, from Goiânia, Brazil, recently celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary. They’re currently living in Huntersville, North Carolina, and raising their 2-year-old son, Liam, and newborn, Enzo.

Louis & Aya (Season 1) Status: Married?

Louis, from Indianapolis, Indiana, and Aya, from Ormoc, Philippines, seem to still be together. They have 2 sons together, Giovanni and Stefano, born in June 2018 and November 2020, along with Louis’ two sons from his previous marriage.

Mike & Aziza (Season 1) Status: Married

Mike, from Cleveland, Ohio, and Aziza, from Volgograd, Russia, became parents in January 2019, adding “Little Miss Olivia Joan,” to their family.

Chelsea & Yamir (Season 2) Status: Divorced

Chelsea, from Galesburg, Illinois, and Yamir, from Managua, Nicaragua, filed for divorce in 2016. In 2017, Yamir—who ended up moving to Los Angeles—told Instagram followers “there’s no hate” between him and Chelsea. He currently is pursuing a career as a singer-songwriter. Chelsea has since remarried, saying “I Do” to her husband Daniel in April 2021.

Danielle Jbali (Season 2) Status: Divorced

The iconic coupling of Ohioan Danielle Mullins with Tunisian husband Mohamed Jbali cemented 90 Day Fiancé as one the greatest reality shows on TV. While the duo split over allegations of infidelity, Danielle maintains her time on the TLC franchise was genuine. During an Instagram Live Q&A, Danielle simply answered “nope” to whether any part of her 90 Day Fiancé experience was staged. She appeared on Discovery+ spinoff series, 90 Day: The Single Life, and confirmed that Mohamed is still part of her life as a friend.

Justin & Evelin (Season 2) Status: Married

Justin, from San Jose, California, and Evelin, from Cali, Colombia, still seem to be as in love as ever. Interestingly, Evelin changed her name to “Evelyn” after moving to the U.S. The two welcomed their son, Nathan, in October 2020.

Brett & Daya (Season 2) Status: Married

Brett, from Snohomish, Washington, and Daya, from San Carlos, Philippines, walked down the aisle in February 2015, and in July 2017, they welcomed daughter Isabella.

Cássia Tavares (Season 2) Status: Divorded

While audiences may not remember Brazilian beauty Cássia Tavares from Season 2, the outspoken alum told her Instagram followers about her time on 90 Day Fiancé. Cássia divorced ex-husband Jason Hitch after marrying the Florida native on the series but shared that the network does “produce” certain elements of the show, per In Touch. Cássia cited that producers asked her to take a pregnancy test on-camera for dramatic effect, even though the cast member knew she wasn’t pregnant. She has remarried, tying the knot with her new beau Giuseppe back in February 2021. According to Entertainment Tonight, Jason passed away from complications of COVID-19 in December 2021.

Danny & Amy (Season 2) Status: Married

Danny, from Norristown, Pennsylvania, and Amy, from Cape Town, South Africa, have been married since 2014 and are now the parents of three kids: son Jedidiah, daughter Anna, and daughter Willow born in January 2021. The family currently lives in Texas and launched a church in April 2019 where they lead the Marriage and Family Group.

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