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Welcome To Plathville: Micah Shares Miami Swim Week Modeling Photos


Welcome to Plathville fans got a bit of a treat when Micah Plath decided to share a few eye-catching photos from his time at Miami Swim Week.

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By Maggie Watson
8 months ago
3 min Read

Micah Plath from Welcome to Plathville wowed followers as he showed off his best Blue Steel face during Miami Swim Week. Nobody would have guessed that Micah would have gone from spending his days on the family farm to pursuing a modeling career.

However, thanks to his personality, he has become a fan favorite on Welcome to Plathville. In season 4, Micah has been coming out of his shell after he moved to Los Angeles. The star has begun to experience new things and even make friends.

Welcome To Plathville: Micah Shares Miami Swim Week Modeling Photos

Although many viewers doubted he would be able to thrive outside of Cairo, Georgia, Micah has adapted well to his new surroundings and his modeling career is really taking off.

The TLC star has been working on his modeling for some time and regularly shares photos from his shoots and footage from his catwalks. He recently revealed that he had landed a few jobs during Miami Swim Week, and it was a big opportunity for the aspiring model.

As soon as he was done walking the runway, Welcome to Plathville star Micah took to his Instagram to share some of the highlights from Miami Swim Week.

The first photo showed a very tan Micah as he sported black board shorts. He seemed to be leading the pack of models, and may have opened the show.

Micah also toted an army green beach bag in another photo. The last photo showed Micah swinging a red shovel and pail as he wore a white t-shirt and red bottoms.

He even struck a Charlie's Angel pose for the spectators. Fans could see he was enjoying his time in Miami after he posted a few candid beach shots in front of an amazing sunset.

As Welcome to Plathville fans know, Micah is currently signed with Select Models Atlanta and Select Models Miami. He has an entire profile dedicated to him on the modeling agency website, which includes a lot of photographs of him showing off different sides of his personality.

Micah has loved playing the boy next door but is ready to have a sexier look. His classic good looks are helping him break into a bigger market, with Miami Swim Week being the first step.

Welcome to Plathville fans recently watched Micah have a sit down with his mother, Kim Plath, over a cocktail. It was there he seemed to gain a better understanding of his mother's choices.

Both on and off the show, viewers can see how Micah has evolved as a person, and his modeling career is a big part of that. Micah will continue to model and hopefully book even bigger shows in the near future.

Source: Micah Plath/Instagram

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