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We should be prepared for the unexpected. Jasmine Pineda Might Go Crazy On Tell-All This Week | 90 Day Fiancé

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Before the 90 Days Tell All viewers can expect a wild ride from Jasmine Pineda, who has hinted that she will be in "crazy Latina mode" on the show.

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By Emma Watson
a year ago
3 min Read

The first installment of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 5 Tell All premieres this Sunday, and there are indications that Jasmine Pineda will bring all of her craziness. During season 5, the Panamanian star's fiery temper was on full display, and she has hinted that the Tell All will be a wild ride. Drama and conflict are essential components of a good 90 Day Fiancé Tell All, and this one is shaping up to be very entertaining.

We should be prepared for the unexpected. Jasmine Pineda Might Go Crazy On Tell-All This Week | 90 Day Fiancé

Though many viewers expected Jasmine and Gino Palazzolo's rocky relationship to end by the end of season 5, the couple is one of the few who have remained together. Despite Jasmine's extreme jealousy and Gino's breach of trust, Jasmine accepted Gino's cringey proposal and the two were married.

However, the engagement did not solve their problems. Gino and Jasmine had a major falling out over Gino's ex-wife keeping his last name, and Gino needs to brace himself for more of these fights for the rest of his marriage to Jasmine. Although Jasmine has not yet arrived in the United States, she will be featured on the __Tell All via video ▶️ __, and she may be the most explosive part of the special.

A 90 Day Fiance Reddit user shared a screenshot of some now-deleted Instagram comments made by Jasmine in which she teased an exciting Tell All. Fans expressed their desires for what they wanted to see on the Tell All in the comments section of a post, and Jasmine pretty much confirmed that she would be a major part of it. "I hope you rip Mike and Ben a new one," one commenter suggested, to which Jasmine replied, "get the [popcorn]." Another fan expressed interest in experiencing Jasmine "go off" on Gino and her co-stars, and Jasmine assured them that she would be in "crazy Latina mode." Jasmine is seen complaining in a teaser clip for the Tell All that Gino prefers masturbation over sex with her, so it appears that no topic will be off-limits for her.

For 90 Day Fiance viewers, Jasmine's words are a sign that the Tell All will be exciting, and it's not surprising that Jasmine will provide a lot of the drama. She's been on a hair trigger with Gino all season, ready to explode at the slightest offense. Jasmine has been known to erupt whenever Gino interacts with women who aren't her. It's clear that Jasmine has a temper, which the producers will undoubtedly want to encourage. Shaun Robinson, the show's host, is known for asking probing questions in order to set Jasmine off. Though Gino and the rest of the 90 Day Fiance season 5 cast may not appreciate Jasmine's rage, fans are in for a real treat.

Many fans have previously complained about the 90 Day Fiancé franchise Tell Alls, labeling them as boring and uninteresting. However, the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 5 Tell All appears to be delivering on explosive drama, which could be due to Jasmine. She may have given too much information in her Instagram comments, which is why she deleted them. However, Jasmine's hints about her appearance on the special are extremely encouraging for fans who enjoy a messy 90 Day Fiance Tell All.

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