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Top Best Celebrity Wedding in 2022

Top Best Celebrity Wedding in 2022

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In 2021, two of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez, got married to their respective partners, Sam Asghari and Ben Affleck, in highly publicized and elaborate ceremonies that attracted a lot of attention from fans and the media.

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By Maggie Watson
3 months ago
3 min Read

Britney and Sam's wedding was a fairy tale event that took place at a private residence in California. The pop star walked down the aisle by herself to the tune of "Can't Help Falling in Love," wearing a stunning Donatella Versace-designed wedding dress that took 700 hours to make.

The dress featured a portrait neckline, a 15-foot-long white tulle veil with hand-sewn satin edging, and a stream of pearl buttons. Britney and Sam exchanged traditional vows, with Reverend Clint Huff officiating the ceremony. Huff said of the event:

"It was amazing. It was a beautiful moment. Brittany got a little teary-eyed and Sam just reached up and took care of her with a tissue."

As for the bling, the newlyweds went all out, wearing more than half a million dollars in diamonds. Britney's jewelry included a heart-shaped necklace with her wedding date engraved on the back, and she was reportedly wearing 62 carats of diamonds in total for the day. E.T spoke exclusively with the jewelry designer, who said:

"We did make Britney a heart-shaped necklace and engraved her wedding date on the back."

Unfortunately, Britney's family did not attend the wedding, and her two sons with Kevin Federline also did not attend. A source said of the boys' absence:

"They've made the decision not to go to her wedding."

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Despite the lack of family presence, the ceremony was still a joyous and intimate affair, with Britney and Sam holding hands almost throughout the entire ceremony. A source said of the couple's connection:

"Sam and Brittany held hands almost during the entire ceremony and it seemed as though that kind of grounded them into the moment that they had each other."

Two months after Britney and Sam's wedding, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck tied the knot at Ben's Georgia estate in a three-day event that featured fireworks, an all-white dress code, and a 20-foot-long veil.

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