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Top 100 advice you can give to your friend

Top 100 advice you can give to your friend


In fact, the scientists discovered that whether a person is rewarded with cash or a praise, the same part of the brain is stimulated. Talk is very cheap, and the best present you can offer someone is a few encouraging words.

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By Dimer au Congo
a year ago
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What do you say to a friend to cheer them up or let them know you appreciate their friendship? Compliments may go a long way toward showing someone you care, but there are even more strong reasons to say kind things to them.

The Influence of Saying Nice Things

According to studies, the social incentive of having something pleasant said to or about you might boost your motor abilities and performance. As a result, your praises might assist someone in learning a new talent or improving an existing one.

In fact, the scientists discovered that whether a person is rewarded with cash or a praise, the same part of the brain is stimulated. Talk is very cheap, and the best present you can offer someone is a few encouraging words.

"I can survive for two months on a nice praise," Mark Twain reportedly quipped. These tiny treasures may really sustain a person.

What Should You Say to Someone?

Here are some ready-made compliments to use whenever you want to say something kind to someone. If you're feeling down, chances are there are a few things you can say to yourself in here as well.

1 . Fall in love with your problems, maybe they will leave you too.

2 . No pressure, no diamonds.

3 . People come and go, that’s life.

4 . Losing toxic people is a win.

5 . Healthy relationships include uncomfortable conversations.

6 . Take more chances, dance more dances.

7 . Stop carrying old feelings into new experiences.

8 . Before you judge someone about their anger, ask them about their pain.

9 . Who you are becoming is more than who you’ve been.

10 . Do more of what makes you happy.

11 . Your personal and career growth is more important than your lover. If you are a failure, nobody will stay with you

13 . Love fades with time and mood because it is a transient feeling.

14 . Only you are responsible for your mistakes. Rather than blaming others, take full responsibility for your actions and avoid repeating again those mistakes.

15 . Your problems are gossip for your friends. Your parents are the only people who care. For example, if you lose the job, your friends and relatives will only sympathize, but your parents are the ones who will face the problem and look for solutions.

16 . Be a jack of all trades. Try learning different things and skills.

17 . To be happy, accept and move on. If your partner dumped you or cheated on you, accept it and realize that someone more worthy is meant to be in your life. Pity them.

18 . All people are unique. You may not be good at studies but you may be good at designing. Focus on your skills and elevate them up to the level of excellence rather than feeling jealous and competing with talented people, which will make you mediocre. If you are really talented in a field, just go for it. Don't worry about what your friends and relatives might say.

19 . Breakup with your lover is a blessing. You will only realize it after some years. Breakups change how you perceive and make you mature.

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20 . Don’t announce your goals and dreams on a loudspeaker. Once you achieve, the people will get to know.

21 . Sex is a small act. It is overrated and hyped. Having sex doesn’t assure a long-lasting relationship.

22 . Don’t be influenced by cool friends, parties, alcohol, outings, cigarettes. This modernness will waste your time and make you regret.

23 . Nothing is wrong. Nothing is right. There are just consequences.

24 . Your skills and talent will bring you way more success than good looks ever can. Focus on the former rather than wasting time on the latter.

25 . Life is about perspective. Everyone functions as per their own perspective.

26 . Reading and writing are constant development promoters. Invest your time in reading good books, especially non-fiction.

27 . The reason for misery in life is being with negative people.

28 . Surrounded yourself with positive and like-minded people to be happy.

29 . Have fun with others, but make sure you spend the time to improve yourself.

30 . Life starts after no contact. Stop dealing with toxic people.

31 . Only your parents will be there to constantly support you. Take care of them.

32 . Don’t be a friend with an ex who dumped you because when they get a new lover, they will again dump you. That will hurt and cause more pain.

33 . When selecting a partner, favor their behavior, emotional bonding, intelligence, and compassion (not just for you but for all people) over their looks solely. Looks surely matter, but once you begin dating, the scale at which you like good looks will keep decreasing. Only a good and interesting person can sustain great relationships.

34 . Be obsessed. Think of it, dream about it, feel it, talk about it, work for it, do everything on that one thing you want - the universe will ensure you get it.

35 . Keep a healthy distance from all people, including your friends. They could bring you down with their baggage if you are not careful.

36 . Job is just a job. Don’t make it your priority.

37 . Be very sure you want to get married and have kids. Many people get trapped in a situation where they keep on asking this “What if” after 10 or 20 years into marriage.

38 . If possible, spend more time with your family, especially your parents. From your 20s to 40s, you will be too busy looking out for yourself. All of a sudden, your parents will become “old” like you never noticed.

39 . Don’t expect people to come to your rescue. Own your actions and consequences and suck it up.

40 . Tomorrow is not necessarily going to be a better day. Tomorrow is just another day.

41 . Stop reading a self-help book if you are not self-aware. Life is actually fair. It has no mercy on anyone.

42 . Invest your times & energy on Good people , healthy friendships. If you have earned few good friends & well wishers your life gets sorted for long.

43 . No one can defeat you unless you yourself starts feeling defeated.

44 . Things we value a lot at point become of no use at another point in time: be it relationship, or career or friendship.

45 . Its easy to say “I do not care”. Our generation tells it often. Unfortunately we are the generation who gets bothered by even by slightest of things like others opinion about us Look at our social media stuff.

46 . Time is the greatest healer. How big the wound may be it will heal certainly one day.

47 . Never take big decisions when you are too much happy or too much angry . Let your emotions settle down. You are a product of people who you surround yourself with. So choose your friends and colleagues wisely.

48 . The best way to avoid about the uncertainties of future is to focus on present.

49 . Go out and travel. Don’t be afraid to travel. With travel you gain precious experience and a new outlook on life. You never know how much your life can change once your perspective on things and the world has changed.


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