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Top 10 90 Day Fiance Then Vs Now

Top 10 90 Day Fiance Then Vs Now

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For extra 15 minutes of fame, some people will go to any extent. These 90 day fiance makeovers are proof of that.

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By Dimer au Congo
a year ago
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1. Tiffany Franco

The 90 day fiancé season 2 cast Tiffany shared how opening herself to public opinion brought support, yet admitted , the negative comments stuck with her more than the positive one and what affected her the most was her weight. Overtime she decided to make the drastic decision for gastric bypass surgery.

tiffany franco weight loss photo

Unlike her fame, this would not change overnight. Considered as the last resort for weight loss, Tiffany will have to maintain a strict diet for the rest of her life, she admitted , " I just drink protein shakes. I try to get 60 to 70 Grams of protein a day to help with her weight loss ".

tiffany franco weight loss surgery | photo

Shocking fans with her new transformation, she gained the confidence to post more photos of herself on Instagram, showing off her new figure, allowing herself to enjoy the spotlight.

Tiffany's fans loved seeing the side of her, she started selling her clothes on Poshmark to help pay the bills as her 90 day fiance pay checks barely scratched the surface. She continued her career as a makeup artist in 2022 along with her cosmetic line Eddy Rose.

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2. Big Ed.

Big Ed is considered a pop culture Phenomenon reaching a whole new level of fame since his debut . Entertained or offended Big Ed had people talking and or just laughing on the 90 day fiance start controversial and weird behaviors .

90 day fiance Big Ed

From the start, he planned to wed 23 year old Rosemary Vega at 54 years old. This was the start of being big Eds . Another topic was probably his mayonnaise hair mask, multidimensional and creative success came naturally to Big Ed.

big ed news

With a Masters degree in architecture which led him to his career as a photographer. That's personal transformation helped him to reveal his Klippel-Feil Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder affecting his height. Ed under 5 feet. Wanted to be an advocate for being different and want people to embrace what sets them apart.

He sold merchandise such as his face on T-shirts that meant to stop bullying.

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