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Tiffany Franco's have a new boyfriend Daniel MacFarland Jr and he's ready to "propose"  But...

Tiffany Franco's have a new boyfriend Daniel MacFarland Jr and he's ready to "propose" But...


Tiffany Franco, a star on the hit reality TV show 90 Day Fiancé, has exciting news to share: she is officially in a relationship with her new boyfriend, Daniel MacFarland Jr.

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By Fiorentina Flora
3 months ago
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In an exclusive interview with In Touch magazine, Franco gushes about her new romance, saying that she and Daniel see each other two or three days a week and are taking things slow.

"We really like each other," she says, "and I'm waiting for him to pop the question - the 'Will you be my girlfriend' question, of course! He's been slowly but surely convincing me to put the walls I’ve put up, down. And it feels so peaceful and soft and healthy. He’s such a kind soul and I feel very lucky."

For Franco, her relationship with Daniel marks a new chapter in her life, one that feels like "coming up for air after drowning for so long". She says that she is "learning now how I should have been treated all along" and feels grateful to have found someone who makes her feel happy and loved.

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Fans of 90 Day Fiancé will recognize Daniel from the third season of the TLC spinoff show 90 Day: The Single Life, which was filmed while Franco was estranged from her husband Ronald Smith. In her confessional on the November 7th episode, Franco admitted to being nervous about meeting someone from a dating app, but those fears were quickly put to rest when she met Daniel at a local horse stable.

"He's a comedian. He's a teacher. He dressed nice and he's cute," she gushed to the cameras. It seems that the feeling was mutual, as Daniel also had kind words to say about Franco: "I think she has like, a killer smile, and the fact Tiffany was down for horseback riding? Not everyone likes to push their boundaries and get out of their comfort zone, so she's checking all the boxes so far."

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