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'The Flash' Fans demand  Elliott Page to replace Ezra Miller

'The Flash' Fans demand Elliott Page to replace Ezra Miller


DC fans are rallying for Elliot Page to replace the troubled star of The Flash, Ezra Miller.

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By Dimer au Congo
9 months ago
3 min Read

Ezra Miller, the star of The Flash, is currently in danger, and fans are calling for Elliot Page to step in to replace him. Following a complaint from the parents of an 18-year-old, Miller has been placed on administrative leave and is no longer allowed to speak to the media, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

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After choking an Icelandic fan in 2020, Miller (who uses they/them pronouns and is non-binary) became the subject of several controversies in the previous couple of years. Earlier this month, Rolling Stone revealed that Miller was hosting a 25-year-old woman and her children on their property in Vermont, where they kept firearms and marijuana about the house.

Fans of The Flash are demanding for DC to bring in Oscar-nominated Page, who has been in programs such as Tales of the City and The Umbrella Academy, to replace Miller as Barry Allen.

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