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The Family Chantel: What Chantel Has Been Up To Since Divorce Filing


The Family Chantel star Pedro Jimeno files for divorce from his wife Chantel, but the Atlanta nurse is doing her best to move on with her life.

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By Darcey Davis
7 months ago
3 min Read

On May 27, Pedro Jimeno filed for divorce from his wife Chantel Jimeno, and many The Family Chantel fans are concerned about what and how Chantel has been doing in the last two months.

Despite the fact that Pedro filed for divorce in May, he claims the couple has been separated since April 27. However, the information was not made public until July 7, when it was found.

Chantel has been posting regular updates on social media about herself and her life to show how she is doing since her marriage ended.

The Family Chantel: What Chantel Has Been Up To Since Divorce Filing

Previously, Chantel and Pedro were one of the most successful 90 Day Fiancé franchise couples of all time. The couple starred in their own spin-off program and looked to have conquered many familial difficulties on both sides in order to construct what appeared to be a happy and developing marriage.

Everything changed once Pedro saw how dishonest his family was during a terrible trip to his home Dominican Republic.

Pedro returned transformed, becoming aloof, chilly, and disdainful of Chantel. While Pedro filed for divorce, Chantel claims Pedro abused her. After watching Pedro's extremely nasty actions, many The Family Chantel fans have sided with Chantel.

Many fans of The Family Chantel anticipate Chantel's comeback after the stunning Atlanta nurse recovers from her tragedy. Chantel looks to be enjoying her female connections and family as she comes to terms with her own value.

"The whole time you felt you weren't enough, you were overqualified," Chantel's current Instagram bio reads.

Meanwhile, despite the heartbreak she is experiencing on The Family Chantel season 4, Chantel has maintained a strangely positive attitude.

Chantel clearly battled for her marriage and loved Pedro, but she is moving on with far more subtlety and elegance, while Pedro ominously alludes at exposing Chantel for unexplained reasons.

The Dominican Republic native revealed that he will expose information about the breakup in a podcast, but many people are accusing him of adultery.

While rumors about who Chantel is seeing following her divorce from Pedro has already begun, she appears to be more interested in platonic connections.

Chantel mentioned that she spends time with her nephew, Royal and Angenette Wylie's kid. That most likely suggests she reconciled with her sister-in-law after Chantel had previously harbored ill will against Angenette.

Chantel also uploaded a touching photo of herself and her sister Winter Everett hugging, as the two ladies appear to be a huge source of mutual support.

She has also spent time with her female pals and found comfort in such friendships. While Chantel appeared to be recuperating, the model and nurse grabbed attention in a stunning lavender gown in a glam video, which many admirers saw as Chantel stating that she was putting herself back out there.

Pedro may be implying drama in a cryptic manner, but Chantel appears to be focused on repairing her wounded heart and relying on trustworthy sources of support.

Both she and Pedro said unequivocally that their marriage could not be salved. However, The Family Chantel season 4 fans saw that only Chantel was interested in preserving her marriage, while Pedro opted out.

Many people suspect Pedro cheated on his young coworker Antonella Barrenechea Streuli or her aunt, Pedro's supervisor Laura Delgado. While Pedro may have been over Chantel before she was over him, many fans of The Family Chantel feel she will come out on top in the long run.

Source : @chantel j_ /Instagram

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