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The Actual Reason For The Cancellation Of 'The Little Couple'


It's possible that the beloved reality show's return has been doomed by legal concerns that have arisen behind the scenes.

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By Florentina Flora
10 months ago
3 min Read

Fans of The Little Couple have been waiting impatiently for the 15th season of the show, which has enjoyed a successful run over the course of 14 seasons. However, according to recent developments, the show may not see the light of day due to Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein's legal troubles with their producers. But there has been no official word on whether the series would be renewed for another season, fans are concerned that it may have ended after no new episodes have shown in the last two years. The team was involved in a costly lawsuit with their producers, which is said to be the primary reason for the show's extended absence.

The Little Couple season 15

The reality stars' three-year case against LMNO Cable Group to reclaim intellectual property rights was finally settled in July 2020. However, it appears that the disaster has severely harmed both parties' working relationship. The popular series, which premiered in 2009, recounted the exploits of the married couple, both of whom have skeletal dysplasia, and amassed a big fan base and great ratings over the years. Despite the resolution, it appears that the conflict had serious effects, as it has not been greenlit for season 15.

What Caused the Cancellation of 'The Little Couple'?

What Caused the Cancellation of 'The Little Couple'

Regrettably, The Little Couple has been put on hold due to the couple's costly litigation with the filmmakers. "The legal problem began in June 2016 when producer LMNO Cable Group sued Discovery Communications for $7 million," according to The Sun. "In court filings seen by The Hollywood Reporter, LMNO Cable Group claimed their accountant manipulated records to conceal hundreds of thousands of dollars in embezzled money," the outlet continued.

The Actual Reason For The Cancellation Of 'The Little Couple'

_ The company claimed that Discovery Communications took advantage of the circumstances to steal and bankrupt TLC's The Little Couple._

Following the accounting controversy, both sides agreed to a settlement, and it appeared that everything had been handled. The legal battle, however, became more convoluted when Jennifer and Bill decided to intervene in the case over a year later. They claimed they were entitled to a part of LMNO's contingent pay in The Little Couple, according to their court papers. They also claim to be entitled to a portion of Discovery's adjutes gross income.

'The Little Couple'

The duo also "feared they would lose valuable monetary and intellectual property rights that would be adjudicated without their interests being represented; nor would any of the current parties represent [Jen and Bill's] interests appropriately or at all," according to the court papers. Nonetheless, things improved when both sides agreed to go to mediation and eventually struck a settlement agreement. As a result of their successful mediation and settlement, the court ordered that the lawsuit be dropped.

Is 'The Little Couple' Brought back to life?

Viewers would have surely enjoyed following the reality couple's journey because so much is happening in their lives since they sold their Snell Isle house in Florida for a profit of over a million dollars and relocated to Boston.

Due to a job offer from Boston Children's Hospital's Simulator Program, the family decided to relocate. In addition, she will be a member of the esteemed faculty at Harvard University. The family's transfer to a new location was exciting, but it wasn't all rainbows and sunshine. When her family moved to Boston, Jennifer had to have a complicated hip surgery shortly following the move.

Is 'The Little Couple' Brought back to life

The lack of an update on The Little Couple's status has disappointed many fans of the show. They still have a lot to be happy about because the Kleins always share their life with their millions of fans with complete honesty and candor, making them everyone's favorite reality stars.

Star of 'The Little Couple' Jennifer Arnold's Hip Revision Surgery Was a Success

'The Little Couple' Jennifer Arnold's Hip Revision Surgery

With her life narrative, Jennifer Arnold of The Little Couple has inspired millions of viewers all around the world. Despite experiencing overwhelming difficulties herself, she has made it her mission to change the lives of others.

Despite the fact that the TV celebrity has had over 30 orthopedic procedures in her life, she will have to go under the knife again on February 17, 2022 for her second prosthetic hip repair. Her husband, Bill Klein, who had elbow surgery four months ago, came to Instagram to discuss his wife's second hip surgery. "It's Jen's second hip revision (the left this time), as the cup wore out and she needed a new prosthetic ball to match," he added.

He went on to say that his wife had her hip replaced while in residency, but she didn't let it interfere with her studies, and she not only finished on time, but she also received a neo fellowship as a result. Despite her ordeals, Jennifer has always had an optimistic attitude on life. She is doing much better now that she has had hip surgery.

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