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Stranger Things season 2 trailer : Stranger Things volume 2's teaser

Stranger Things season 2 trailer : Stranger Things volume 2's teaser


Stranger Things season 2 trailer : Stranger Things volume 2's teaser just been released , giving us a peek of what's to come with previously unseen segments and our first look at the season finale.

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By Maggie Watson
9 months ago
3 min Read

The Stranger Things season 2 trailer explains: The trailer for volume 2 of Stranger Things just dropped and it gave us an insight into what seems to come with clips we've not seen before and our first glimpse into the season finale. It looks exciting, eventful, emotional, and epic, to say the least. So let's get into it and break down this trailer frame by frame and shot by shot.

To let you know this article will contain spoilers from season 4, volume 1, the trailer opened up with the dialogue from Brenda.

"I know you're frightened, terribly frightened by what you've seen, but I'm not going to lie to you. Your friends are not prepared for this fight. Hello, can school be full? This is likely going to be a write off."

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The religion has woken up from being inside of Project Following on from the season one finale where she learned about the identity of number one, who is Henry Kriel, and how he was an evil being in the Costa Hawkins facility once, she proceeded to send him to the upside down toilet.

The first one was one that we've seen before, and it was one of Breno walking into the massacre scene and seeing the crack in the wall where the gateway was, and we then had Max looking over the vast landscape that leads to the creel house, once victory is inside of your mind. After this, we then go to a shot that we've never seen before, and it was of Dustin.

Erica 'AT' Robin Lucas Max, We know, based on only 2 clips, that they are driving towards the creel house in the real world. We had a close up of Steve looking at what I'd written and seen, likely alluding to the romantic relationship that they have, but also, with the close up of Nancy, you could sense that she's seen a lot.

This could be connected to her having seen the true identity of the fake now when he was inside of her mind, but this is a nod to the fact that we now know that she made it a life following on from the final. We then heard the words "my friends need me" as we had a shot of 11 walking off outside of Project Nina and Brenda looking on as he stated that she's not ready. This is something I think that's going to be on in the first episode of all the teams

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