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‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Shuts Down Robyn – Stands by Her Kids

‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Shuts Down Robyn – Stands by Her Kids


Sister Wives star Janelle Brown wouldn’t listen to what Robyn Brown had to say when it came to her kids ganging up on their father.

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By Maggie Watson
6 months ago
3 min Read

Robyn claims she attempted to speak with Janelle and Christine Brown on the TLC show last week. But when she did, no one listened. She said she felt helpless as a result of this.

Janelle Brown Lacks in Sister Wives Robyn Brown's Marriage Style

Janelle Brown is no longer keeping secrets. This season, she appears to be saying it how it is without holding back.

Christine and Meri Brown publicly claimed to no longer have sexual relations with Kody Brown. But Janelle remained silent on the subject, as she had done during the Sister Wives programs and interviews. That was till today.

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Janelle Brown does not mention the private aspect of her marriage. She does, however, explain that she does not have the same sort of marriage as Robyn Brown. Christine, her co-wife, is in the same boat. But this Sister Wives wife refused to live that way any longer.

Janelle claims that Kody satisfies her requirements. As a result, she considers her marriage to be "sufficient" for her lifestyle. But the same cannot be said for her children.

Janelle is capable of walking in their shoes.

This second woman from the Sister Wives brood supports her children. She can put herself in their position and see what they go through with their father. Janelle knows why Garrison recently disowned Kody.

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