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Shaeeda's demands new husband, Bilal, To have a baby by 40 , but she could be pregnant already


What Happened to Happily Ever After on 90 Day Fiancé? However, Shaeeda's new husband, Bilal, does not share her enthusiasm for having children at all. But shaeeda could have a big surprise for him .

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By Emily D.
6 months ago
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During the episode of the reality program that aired this week, Shaeeda, who is 37 years old, couldn't help but become thrilled when she discovered the baby area of a store when she and Bilal, who is 42 years old, were "decor shopping."

She said to the two employees working at the store, "He already has kids, and I don't have any kids." After witnessing her enter the area, Bilal says, "She don't need to be in here right now." [She] doesn't need to be in here right now. Shaeeda grabs him by the arm and beckons for him to follow her inside the room. "Come in here with me," she says. As he unwillingly made his way into the space, he mumbled, "There's absolutely no valid reason for us to proceed beyond this boundary."

The scene then shifts to Shaeeda in the confessional, where she discusses the stipulation in their prenuptial agreement that states they have to make every effort to conceive a child before she reaches the age of 40. She says, "I'm about two and a half years away from becoming 40, and by that time I could be too old." "If I don't get a baby by 40, he's going to pay."

"What makes you think it's a good time to bring up these topics at the moment?" Why do you want a kid so badly, Bilal asks, and she answers, "because I simply want a baby."

Shaeeda's demands  new husband, Bilal, To have a baby by 40 , but she could be pregnant already

With a grin on his face, he asks her, "Sweetheart, you wanted to go furniture shopping, right?" Shaeeda says, "I know, but I didn't realize this was related to the furniture business, it's almost as if God is trying to tell us something."

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He tells me, "I know what you did, you totally put the okey-doke on me, you planned this." "I know what you did." After she claims that it was not intentional, he tells her, "Because we're not going to have a kid this year, we've got to get to know one other and do some of the things we've always wanted to do."

'Cause when one of these things happens, life as you know it comes to an abrupt halt,' explains Bilal, as he removes some baby items off the hanger.

"She's getting ahead of herself with the baby thing," Bilal admits. "I thought we'd settled this since she wanted to include it in the prenuptial agreement about when we'd like to have children, but we're not ready. "First and foremost, we must concentrate on coexistence."

When the pair returns to the store, Shaeeda inquires, "Perhaps we'll visit a reproductive specialist next week?"

"Why do you need to consult a fertility specialist, baby?" Bilal answers. "If you truly want me to, I'll do it." We've never even tried to have children."

"It's a good idea to plan ahead," Shaeeda says. "Listen, I believe the doctor will offer us advise on having children; he will merely tell me how much time I have," she continues to defend a future visit. That's exactly what I'm wanting to hear."

"Bilal simply doesn't grasp it," she says in the confessional. "Seeing a doctor can help us realize what we need to do to prepare for the future." He needs to take my schedule and health seriously since I'm getting older and this may be my last chance, which I will not squander."

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The viewers were able to hear the discussion that led up to the one-of-a-kind prenuptial agreement on an episode of the show that aired in July.

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Shaeeda said to her fiancé, "I just want something that belongs to me, and that was all I was basically trying to say, and I feel like – I feel like I didn't know how to say it," and her fiancé responded by nodding his head and saying, "I understand." "I feel like I didn't know how to say it," Shaeeda said.

In continuation, Shaeeda continued by saying, "I want something else. I really want to start a family before I get 40."

Bilal made an attempt to clarify the situation by saying, "Um, there are certain individuals, and they can try to have children, and it may – it takes time to have children."

Shaeeda elucidated, "When it comes to that, it is like beyond either one of our control, but I just want you to have that same enthusiasm to have a kid."

As Bilal looked at the earth below him and responded, he remarked, "Yeah, I mean, I think so."

On the other hand, Shaeeda felt unsatisfied with his reaction. She pleaded with him to give her a response, and he said, "I think so?" "Bilal, our wedding is only a few days away at this point. It is hardly a response to say, "Guess so." The answer is either "yes" or "no.""

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And you want to start a family before you hit 40, right? It was verified by Bilal.

When it comes to deciding whether or not to have children, Shaeeda stated, "Yeah, it was just like, we are on the same page." "And if that's all right with you, I'd also like to see it in writing," she said.

Before giving his response, Bilal paused for a time before saying, "I can – I can agree to it."

A confessional was used by Bilal to reveal what it means to him that Shaeeda is willing to consider the possibility of a prenuptial agreement.

"The fact that Shaeeda is willing to sign this deal even though she necessarily didn't want to, I mean, she's willing to compromise," he added. "The fact that Shaeeda is willing to sign this agreement even though she necessarily didn't want to." "And I'm absolutely prepared to compromise as well, so anything she wants to put in there, I'm 100 percent into putting it in there as well as well as well as well as well as well as well as well as well as well as well."

However, Bilal explained why he is apprehensive about having children, stating that the time is the primary factor in his decision. He stated that he did not believe that having a kid "right now at this precise moment would be the wisest option to make."

"I just have concerns of having children too early because with her coming to the country and so much other different things, I feel like it could be too much on us," Bilal admitted to the camera. "However, in order to keep her at my side, I am prepared to stop at nothing."

Shaeeda encourages Bilal to "shake hands on it" in reference to their new terms as the scene cuts back to her and Bilal having a talk. While laughing, Bilal reaches for Shaeeda's hand using only his pinky finger and asks, "Ok, is it pinky – we don't – you guys don't do pinky swear?"

Shaeeda shook her head as she opened out her fiancé's hand to shake on an agreement regarding the two of them. "Entire five fingers, whole five fingers," she said.

"Oh, we're like business. This is how commerce is done, "Bilal joked.

Shaeeda emphasized the word "business" many times before the video clip ended with her declaring, "I'm thinking like an American."

Since Shaeeda had a sense of betrayal when Bilal first brought up the documents, the topic of the prenuptial agreement has been a sensitive one for the pair to discuss. This is because she relocated from Trinidad and Tobago to the United States in order to be with Bilal.

Within the context of a candid interview, Shaeeda stated, "Right now, I am in total disbelief." "Prior to my arrival here, Bilal had only broached the subject of a prenuptial agreement, but I was certain that it was not something I would ever consider entering into. And it was the last time that we discussed it. I had no idea that he was even still considering a prenuptial agreement, much less that he was having a copy of it drafted by an attorney. I was completely unaware of the situation."

An exclusive sneak look from another episode revealed that the couple, who had been engaged at the time, had not yet resolved the issue when Bilal questioned Shaeeda, "Do you have any intention of cheating on me in the future? Do you ever foresee a time when you will divorce me? Okay, well, these [prenuptial agreements] right here don't really make a difference."

Shaeeda stated for the cameras, "I get the impression that Bilal doesn't trust me." "I know that when he got married he was thinking like me, like it's going to be forever — and his wife left him, so I think he has some trust issues, and I feel like I have to pay the price for everything that has happened to him in his past," the woman said. "I know that when he got married he was thinking like me, like it's going to be forever;" however, "his wife left him," the woman said.

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