Seven Sirius Benjamin: Embracing Individuality in the Shadow of Famous Parents


Seven Sirius Benjamin: Unveiling the Enigma - Rise of a Star in the Shadows! Explore his captivating life, upbringing, and future aspirations separate from famous parents. Find out more!

Seven Sirius Benjamin: Embracing Individuality in the Shadow of Famous Parents
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Seven Sirius Benjamin, an intriguing personality in his own right, has emerged as a rising star amidst the shadows of his renowned parents, singer Erykah Badu and musician André 3000.

In this comprehensive article, we delve into Seven's remarkable life, exploring his upbringing, relationship with his parents, educational pursuits, and potential future endeavors.

Discover the unique qualities that make Seven a captivating figure, separate from his famous lineage.

Early Life and Birth of Seven Sirius Benjamin

Born on November 18, 1997, in Dallas, Texas, Seven Sirius Benjamin's arrival coincided with the release of his mother's second LP, "Live in the United States," which quickly ascended to the top of the US Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. Erykah Badu chose the name "Seven" for her son, as she considered it a divine number, indivisible and symbolic of the bond they share.

Seven's Parents: Erykah Badu and André 3000

Erykah Badu and André 3000, individually celebrated musicians, shared a romantic relationship that lasted approximately four years.

Despite their eventual separation in the late 1990s, the couple maintained a strong friendship and co-parenting dynamic, ensuring a nurturing environment for Seven's upbringing.

Their decision to have a child together required thoughtful contemplation, as both artists were at the pinnacle of their careers. However, they wholeheartedly welcomed Seven into their lives, simultaneously pursuing their musical passions.

Co-Parenting and Nurturing Relationships

Both Erykah Badu and André 3000 have exemplified their unwavering dedication to parenting, establishing a close bond with their son. In a revealing interview, Badu emphasized their shared commitment to raising Seven together from the moment she became pregnant. Their harmonious co-parenting efforts laid the foundation for Seven's upbringing, with neither parent taking his existence for granted.

Seven's Current Endeavors: College and Musical Pursuits

Approaching the age of 25, Seven Sirius Benjamin stands on the precipice of completing his college education. Although he occasionally explores his musical talents, Seven primarily prefers a behind-the-scenes role, opting for a life away from the spotlight.

He maintains a relatively low-profile presence on social media, occasionally making appearances on his mother's accounts. Despite his famous lineage, Seven is determined to carve out his own unique path and establish his individual identity.

The Resemblance Between Seven and André 3000

One captivating aspect that garners attention from fans and followers is the uncanny physical resemblance between Seven Sirius Benjamin and his father, André 3000.

Whenever Erykah Badu showcases her son on social media, fans often marvel at the striking similarities between father and son. Observations of shared fashion sense and vocal characteristics further emphasize the strong genetic connection between the two.

Seven's Siblings: Puma Sabti Curry and Mars Merkaba Thedford

Beyond being André 3000's son, Seven also shares the bond of siblinghood with two half-sisters. Following her separation from André, Erykah Badu entered a relationship with rapper The D.O.C., with whom she had a daughter named Puma Sabti Curry.

Later, she welcomed another child, Mars Merkaba Thedford, with rapper and record producer Jay Electronica. Seven maintains a close relationship with his half-sisters, frequently cherishing quality family moments together, as evidenced on his mother's Instagram.

Seven's Homeschooling Experience

During his formative education, Erykah Badu chose to homeschool Seven from kindergarten to first grade. This decision stemmed from her desire to provide him with

tailored academic attention, affording him an advantage in his studies. Badu recognized the significance of discipline in her son's educational journey and commended his unwavering dedication to learning. Seven's homeschooling experience fostered academic excellence and instilled in him a strong sense of order and discipline.

Seven's Education at the University of Colorado

Currently, Seven Sirius Benjamin pursues higher education as a student at the University of Colorado-Boulder. In 2016, his mother proudly announced his acceptance into four universities of his choice. As he navigates his academic journey, Seven exhibits a keen interest in diverse subjects, including psychology, art, and science. His thirst for knowledge propels him to explore various academic disciplines, broadening his understanding of the world.

Seven's Food Allergies and Macrobiotic Diet

Erykah Badu openly disclosed that her son, Sirius Benjamin, faces food allergies, particularly towards certain nuts, legumes, and melons. In response, she made a conscientious decision to transition his diet to a macrobiotic one.

This dietary shift aims to support his overall health and well-being. Recognizing the importance of balanced nutrition, Badu extended the macrobiotic diet to include her daughter, Mars Merkaba, fostering a mindful and holistic approach to nutrition within their family.

Seven's Potential Career in Music

Although Seven Sirius Benjamin remains relatively discreet about his passions and aspirations, he has revealed glimpses of his lyrical talent in music. His father, André 3000, has acknowledged and praised Seven's rapping abilities, recognizing his skill and potential.

While Seven has not yet fully disclosed his musical ambitions, both of his parents actively encourage him to pursue his talents and express himself creatively. Time will unveil the artistic path Seven chooses and shed light on the extent of his musical endeavors.

Seven's Personal Life: Relationships and Romantic Interests

As a private individual, Seven Sirius Benjamin deliberately maintains a low public profile when it comes to his personal life. He has refrained from discussing his romantic relationships and has not prominently appeared in the public dating sphere.

Considering his age and personal experiences, it is reasonable to assume that he may have experienced partnerships, although specifics remain undisclosed. Only time will reveal the identity of Seven's girlfriend or potential life partner.

Speculations on Seven's Net Worth

The net worth of Seven Sirius Benjamin persist, largely driven by the substantial fortunes amassed by his parents, Erykah Badu and André 3000, throughout their illustrious careers.

André's estimated net worth stands at around $10 million, while Erykah's surpasses $35 million. Given Seven's familial background and potential future endeavors, curiosity regarding his financial worth naturally arises. However, concrete information on his net worth remains elusive due to his intentional secrecy surrounding his profession.

The End

Seven Sirius Benjamin emerges as a prominent figure, celebrated not only for his famous parentage but also for his personal accomplishments. In the shadows of Erykah Badu and André 3000, Seven has led a unique life, maintaining strong bonds with both parents and forging his own path. As he approaches graduation from college, his future holds immense promise and intrigue.

Seven's individuality, dedication to personal growth, and resemblance to his father captivate fans and followers alike. With each passing day, Seven Sirius Benjamin stands as a rising star in his own right, steadily carving out his place in the world.

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