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Pedro Jimeno exposed the origin of $265,000 by releasing a copy of his bank statement.


The Family Chantel Star Chantel Everett & Pedro Jimeno are both accusing each other of stealing money from their joint business bank account, after the shocking details that talked about the trust funds, now it seems that the Dominican man Pedro Jimeno is trying to prove otherwise.

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By Maggie Watson
6 months ago
3 min Read

After our previous report that gives details about the source of $265k, the same amount of money that Chantel Everett has swiped out from their joint business bank account, now it seems that the 30-year-old Dominican man Pedro Jimeno is trying to prove the Family Chantel wrong, by leaking a bank statement proof that shows that that amount of money isn’t actually a trust fund.

Pedro Jimeno

Before we give further details about Pedro Jimeno’s leaked bank statement, fans should know that there have been many reports obviously leaked by Chantel’s family members, theorizing that Chantel Everett hasn’t robbed Pedro’s fair share part of the money, since that money was a trust fund, transferred by Karen Everett to her daughter when she turned 30-year-old.

Pedro Jimeno exposed the origin of $265,000 by releasing a copy of his bank statement.

Many 90 Day Fiancé fans found that theory is so realistic due to many valid reasons, including the fact that Chantel Everett has debuted her nursing career just a year ago, and her estranged husband is also new to his job as a real estate agent, so making such amount of money in a short period of time is hard to believe, all knowing that the former married couple just bought a house that costs a fortune too, so logically nobody would believe that working a regular job for less than a year with land you a fancy house and a quarter of one million dollars.

IG influencers pedro jemino the familly chantel

Well, some TLC viewers might also hypothesize the fact that the couple has their own show and TLC pay them a paycheck for being featured on The Family Chantel, and yes this could be true, all knowing that the pair are also IG influencers and might earn money also by promoting certain brands on social media.

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Getting back to the main topic, recently, a bank statement proof has emerged online, and many fans now believe that Pedro Jimeno is the one who leaked it on social media to prove his side of the story and to save his reputation, after many TLC viewers have accused him of stealing sneakily $11k from Chantel’s trust fund to rent his luxurious apartment when he moved out and prior to their divorce filing process.

The bank statement proof

The bank statement proof shows Checking/Savings account history, with the mailing name Pedro & Chantel LLC, the statement also shows that the $265k was transferred on April 22, 2022, however, many 90 Day Fiancé fans jumped right away to react to the shocking news, one fan wrote:” It is trust fund money that she put into a joint account.

Seems as soon as she did, is when Pedro started pulling his staying out all night, removing money, alleged cheating, and acting like she was all of a sudden a horrible wife.

Just because it was moved into a joint account, does not mean it is no longer trust fund money. It just means he had access to it! she didn’t know what he was up to. Her mistake for trusting him! she’ll know to keep it in her own account in the future.

It has been reported they had a prenup that protected her inheritance … so he is sol! Good for Chantel’s parents for having her set that up!”

In the end, we can’t wait to get an update about their court hearing regarding their shared marital property and including these alleged allegations about the controversial funds.

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