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On Memphis' Baby, Hamza Claims He's Not His Father


Memphis Smith seemed to announce her pregnancy with Hamza Moknii's baby with an Instagram post, but Hamza is saying he is not the baby's father.

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By Daniel Davis
a year ago
3 min Read

Hamza Moknii, star of 90 Day Fiancé , said that the baby his wife Memphis Smith  talked about on Instagram amid suspicions of her pregnancy is not his. Memphis and Hamza are getting married on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days after just two weeks in Tunisia. Fans, however, have known Memphis and Hamza were married for weeks thanks to rumors. One such rumor was Memphis being pregnant with Hamza as the father, which was fueled by her ex's post. Memphis also uploaded a picture of a baby on Friday, which many mistook for confirmation that she and Hamza had become parents.

On Memphis' Baby, Hamza Claims He's Not His Father

While the teaser about Memphis marrying Hamza was not surprising given that she had traveled to his nation for that purpose, the one regarding their probable child stunned everyone. Memphis' ex-boyfriend tweeted in January that she and Hamza had a kid a few months ago, and that the program "is filmed and airs like a year later."

Hamza's kid after their _90 Day Fiancé: Before_ the _90 Days season_.

Since then, people have been seeking for probable signs of a pregnant Memphis, and one claimed Instagram post from her profile does seem to show her carrying a little baby. The snapshot wasn't enough confirmation, but a photo of a little infant on Memphis' Instagram page was. Memphis captioned the photo of a brunette infant wearing a red onesie and strapped into a car seat, "God has wonderfully blessed me with HEALTHY & BEAUTIFUL children. This is the finest present somebody could ever get! A child's unconditional love! True & Innocent!!"_

Several fans saw this as Memphis giving birth to Hamza's kid after their 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season. The baby's picture was revealed by Instagram blogger @truecrime jankie, who has been providing hints regarding Memphis and Hamza's pregnancy. Memphis also liked comments about "Hamza being abusive" on the baby post, according to the blogger. Hamza seems to have attempted to clear his reputation by participating in the blogger's comments. "Like my son, not my son," Hamza commented beneath the image, implying that he is not the father of Memphis' child.

Because of Hamza's reply, TLC viewers got even more perplexed about the whole issue. They responded to his remark by questioning whether he was attempting to imply that, although Memphis was pregnant, the father was someone else. Another admirer questioned Hamza whether it was an old picture of Memphis' second kid, a youngster who is now seven years old. "Is this not your kid, but you opted to remain with her anyway?" said another admirer. However, supporters recognized that Hamza may not discuss more since he would violate his NDA if he accidently revealed any more data. However, it was Memphis, a nurse practitioner, who ultimately verified that it is "a flashback image of my 7-year-old kid!" She explained that it is not "Hamza's kid," but rather her son, who is now older.

Having said that, Memphis and Hamza were purportedly seen by a fan in Michigan shooting the next season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? with their kid. Unfortunately, Memphis and Hamza's 90 Day Fiancé tale does not seem to have a happy conclusion. Memphis has accused Hamza of being a narcissist in a slew of passive-aggressive Instagram story reposts, in addition to implying that he is an abuser. However, if they are no longer together, it makes little sense for them to shoot together. Memphis and Hamza's plot, like most other couples on their 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season, becomes more twisted. At this time, it seems that even the Tell-All will not offer supporters with the answers they want.

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