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'LPBW' Star Zach Roloff Ignores Father Matt on Father's Day Due to Family Drama

'LPBW' Star Zach Roloff Ignores Father Matt on Father's Day Due to Family Drama


A problematic Father's Day for Roloff. Zach Roloff snubbed his father, Matt Roloff, on the holiday despite their conflict over the LPBW patriarch selling a chunk of Roloff Farms rather than passing it on to him.

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By Emma Watson
9 months ago
3 min Read

Zach, 32, was completely silent on Sunday, June 19, and did not post anything on his social media profiles. Tori Roloff, his wife, celebrated the holiday with her wonderful husband and her own father.

"Daddin' so hard this Father's Day," the 31-year-old photographer captioned a snap of the "festivities," which included Zach pushing all three of their children outside in a stroller. The five-person family appeared to have spent the day hiking. Tori also uploaded a photo from her and Zach's 2015 wedding in which she and her father were dancing, with the remark, "I love my dad."

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Zach, who recently went to the ER after a nasty fall, said he was "offended" his father Matt Roloff wouldn't sell him a plot of the farm in an episode from season 23 of the family's reality program, which was teased earlier in May.

"Knowing that we want to grow our family and that Jackson and Lilah are getting older, we want to be somewhere where we can see our family for a long time, and where we're at right now is not that place," Zach confessed. "I believe the farm would be an ideal environment for Jackson and Lilah to grow up."

Matt listed 16 acres of the north half of Roloff Farms for sale before to the season 23 launch of the show that has captured all of the drama. "The cats are out of the bag." "I want to make sure you all hear the big news directly from me," he said in the description of an Instagram post from May 2022 that included a photo of the farm with a "for sale" sign.

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