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Karine Staehle Charged For Domestic Assault Again

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90 Day Fiancé's Paul and Karine Staehle: Karine had a bad relationship before to the 90 Days, but now she is facing prosecution for suspected domestic violence.

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By Dimer au Congo
a year ago
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Viewers of 90 Day Fiancé are familiar with Paul and Karine Staehle's rocky relationship, which has resulted in allegations and a reported charge of domestic assault. Paul and Karine were originally seen on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.

The relationship got off to a difficult start due to the language barrier and the desire for an STD test. They did, however, finish two seasons of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, in which they married in Brazil. Then they featured in _90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way _and 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After for one season each. They have been dating for nearly four years until their recent breakup.

Karine Staehle Charged For Domestic Assault Again

When fans last saw this couple on Happily Ever After, things didn't seem to be going well. Paul struggled to sustain his family in Brazil, so he and his wife emigrated to the United States with their son, Pierre.

Karine, on the other hand, was unhappy with the move and required her family's help. They travelled back to Brazil, only to return to the United States with even more conflicts between them. The two took to Instagram to air their grievances. As their relationship deteriorated, they shared multiple films that highlighted the two's obnoxious conduct.

Karine pulled Paul by the hair and yelled that she no longer loved him in one video. Karine stormed out to the vehicle with their youngest son, Ethan, in another video, and Paul subsequently accused her of abandoning their newborn in the front seat. More footage of Karine and Paul from 90 Day Fiancé have emerged during the course of their relationship.

Furthermore, the two have sought restraining orders against one another. Karine looks to have been caught up in the recordings, as the state of Kentucky has apparently charged her with domestic violence. Karine was charged with fourth-degree assault, according to Starcasm (domestic violence with a minor injury). This is a minor offense.

Regrettably, there's not much information from the allege accusations other than the hearing date, and the case number. It's unclear when the accusations were filed, but Karine is scheduled to appear in court on April 20. While viewers are not privy to the whole scenario, the videos do not seem to put Karine in the greatest light.

Overall, many people felt this pair to be quite toxic, and given how things were moving, it's not surprising that things have gotten out of hand. However,Paul and Karine have two children together, and it does not look like the two will reconcile anytime soon.

Finally, fans hope that the turbulent 90 Day Fiancé pair will learn from their errors and create a healthy relationship for the benefit of their children and themselves.

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