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Kara calls 90 Day Fiance Fans ‘dumb’ for asking her about finding love outside the U.S.

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Kara Bass, a new 90 Day Fiance cast member, became nasty with a viewer after they asked her a question about finding love outside the US on social media that she didn't like.

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By Maggie Watson
9 months ago
3 min Read

Kara answered questions from 90 Day followers on Instagram, including why she looked for a partner outside of the United States.

Kara was evidently irritated enough by the inquiry to brand it "stupid."

Kara calls 90 Day Fiance Fans ‘dumb’ for asking her about finding love outside the U.S.

On Season 9 of 90 Day Fiance, viewers are presently watching Kara and Guillermo Rojer.

Kara Bass chastised a 90 Day Fiance viewer for asking a 'stupid question.' "Nothing against it, but, as lovely as you are, what made you want to look outside the US for a husband?" Kara was questioned during an Instagram Q&A with 90 Day Fiance followers.

  1. " Being 'beautiful' has nothing to do with if someone is anyway 'deserving' of an American person," Kara responded.

  2. " People don't pick where they fall in love," she concluded. In my instance, I was working abroad when I met G. I wasn't looking for anything other than [money flying emojis]."

  3. " Thanks for following, but that's a dumb**s question," Kara concluded.

Kara's reaction to her admirer was harsh, with an obvious angry undertone.

Is Kara and Guillermo still together ?

Guillermo Rojer informed Kara Bass on 90 Day Fiance that he wanted her to change. Guillermo has expressed his concerns about Kara's domineering conduct multiple times this season. Guillermo has stated that he prefers to be regarded as an equal and included in decision-making rather than being pushed over.

Kara's ex-boyfriend similarly chastised Guillermo for being domineering and overbearing in their relationship, in which she eventually cheated.

Kara stated that her relationship with Guillermo has altered because he was the one who led the way most of the time when they lived in the Dominican Republic, and the roles have now been reversed in America.

This season, a spoiler concerning Kara and Guillermo's relationship has already surfaced. According to Kara's friend's Instagram post, the couple appears to have married and are currently married. This implies that Guillermo may have felt at ease enough with Kara's behavior to marry her.

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