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Jorge Nava and his girlfriend have had their second child | '90 day fiance'

Jorge Nava and his girlfriend have had their second child | '90 day fiance'


Jorge Nava, a 90 Day Fiance star, has became a father for the second time after welcoming his second kid with his fiancée, Rhoda Blua. So, what else do we know about Jorge's new baby?

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By Robert Pattinson
a year ago
3 min Read

While people think of Jorge Nava's life when he was still with Anfisa Arkhipchenko, it couldn't be more different from the one he lives now. Jorge was let free after spending time in prison and losing a significant amount of weight. He was free of both Anfisa and his incarceration. Meanwhile, it's evident that he's made the most of his freedom and the life he's found after everything he's been through.

star Jorge Nava had his second kid with Rhoda Blua

According to the most recent news, 90 Day Fiance star Jorge Nava had_ his second kid with Rhoda Blua - the lady he found love with after Anfisa booted him out. Jorge nava and wife Rhoda Blua added to their family once again, this time with the birth of a boy called George.

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Jorge Nava also tweeted a sweet black and white picture of him and hi Rhoda hugging their newborn boy. Meanwhile, compliments and well wishes continue to flood in for Jorge, particularly considering the difficult path he took to become a joyous father of two with Rhoda.

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