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'It's over' Kim Menzies end her engagement to Usman

'It's over' Kim Menzies end her engagement to Usman


In the next episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After ? it appears that Kim and Usman have reached the end of their relationship

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By Darcey Davis
3 months ago
3 min Read

The episode will likely explore the reasons behind their breakup and how they move forward.

The couple's relationship has been strained, with Kim feeling uncomfortable about Usman's plans to adopt his nephew without the permission of the child's parents.

In the preview, Kim confronts Usman about not spending enough time with her and not being able to have a meaningful conversation or physical intimacy.

She ultimately returns her engagement ring to Usman, signaling the end of their relationship.

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Unfortunately, Usman refuses to apologize for his actions and tells Kim to leave if she doesn't understand why she is in Nigeria. Kim decides to end their engagement and packs her things, leaving her diamond engagement ring on Usman's table. She tells Usman that she is "done here" and leaves.

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