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Is Will Smith wife to be blame , august alsina , jada pinkett smith tupac ?


What's the real reason behind why Will Smith will never leave Jada Smith ? Why is Jada to blame for Will Smith's outburst at the 2022 Oscars ?

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By Emma Watson
a year ago
3 min Read

"I've never met another person that I connect with in conversation more blissfully and productively than Jada". - Will Smith

- What's the real reason behind why Will Smith will never leave Jada Smith ?

- Why are fans now exposing , Will Smith shocking past with other women ?

- Why is Jada to blame for Will Smith's outburst at the 2022 Oscars ?

Is Will Smith wife  to be blame ,  august alsina ,  jada pinkett smith tupac ?

1. Jada and Will Smith Marriage

For those of you who don't know, will and Jada tide the knot in December 1997 and welcome son Jaden Smith in July 1998 and daughter Willow Smith in October 2000. For a while they seemed like a happy family, but that was until fans pointed out that prior to his marriage to Jada.

Will Smith was actually married to Chereese Zampino in May 1992 and has a son with her called Trey. What makes this complicated is that Smith and Zampino divorced in 1995, but will was in an entanglement with Jada before he even separated from Zampino. Jada's mother Adrienne recalled on the red table, " I think initially when will 1st called you , I think he was still married or he was just separated and I was like he's not available to you" . Though Jada didn't listen, Will Smith separation was tough and it made him come to the conclusion that he'd rather die than have another divorce which I don't quite think is healthy.

He explained to MTV News back in 2006, "_ Divorce can't be an option with Jada. I stood up in front of God and said till death do us par. So there are two possible outcomes . One we are going to be together till death or two. I am dead._" It looks like will meant that quite literally in a 2018 episode of her popular Facebook watch series, read Table talk. Jada confirmed that divorce isn't an option by saying " I told will from the gate I said, let me tell you something, if you marry me, know this, we're going to be together. We're going to be under the same roof".

So we can't argue with The Smiths View as it's their marriage, but we can't help but feel like a lot of damage is being done here. It's also clear to see that from this will won't be leaving Jada anytime soon .

2. Jada and Will Smith open marriage

What many fans may not know is that will and Jada contrary to what they tell the media do in fact have an open marriage. And that's the main reason why Will will never leave Jada. Let's take you back in time to confirm this theory. In April 2013, Jada publicly confessed that she was in an open marriage.

They will saying " I've always told will you can do whatever you want as long as you can look at yourself in the mirror and be OK". Though Jada denied saying that she was in an open marriage. The actress was exposed yet again in 2021 when Will said in an interview, Jada never believed in a conventional marriage. She had family members that had an unconventional relationship, so she grew up in a way that was very different from how I grew up. He then confessed that monogamy, being with only one person, was hard to maintain within their marriage. Yeah, if that doesn't say open marriage, I don't know what does.

What many fans also may not know is that in 2013, when Jada gave the speech about will doing what he wants, she was alluding to her husband having a public fling with Margot Robbie at the Time, Star magazine alleged that Will Smith was caught cheating with the actress while filming the 2015 film focus.

According to rumors, the costars skipped the Focus wrap party and spent it together in Will Smith trailer. In the report, the publication also claimed that in photo Booth Pictures Will appear shirtless and Margot lifts up her shirt to reveal her lingerie.

They let their inhibitions run wild, laughing, hugging, and nuzzling each other in the dark. Of course, at the time when asked about the alleged affair, Margo denied it and said, "I am officially off the market. I made a conscious decision not to date actors". Fans obviously didn't seem too convinced. It also seems like Will Smith dropped out of filming for the 2021 sequel of the Suicide Squad because of Margot Robbie in 2021. It was reported that Margot was all set to reprise her character from the much acclaimed film, and many actors from the prequel like Viola Davis, Joel Kinnaman, and Jai Courtney. Would be a part of the second installment of the series, apart from Will who opted out.

3. August Alsina and Jada smith cheating scandal

In June 2020 the Internet went wild when Jada confessed to being in a relationship . Or shall we say an entanglement with rapper August Alsina ? Fans didn't seem to understand why Will Smith was so patient with Jada and stood by her rather than filing the divorce papers.

How open is the subject of debate ? Especially because Jade's nonmarital excursions have been the topic of many. A discussion at her Facebook talk show, Red Tabletalk RTT Jada has been very, very open about her and Will's relationship issues. That RTT going so far as to have will on the show to air grievances about their marriage. But the one difference between Will and Jada is that Jada allegedly took advantage of August Alsina and many celebrities have openly spoken about this at the time. August was Jada sons best friend, not to mention that he was sick.

My opinion on this is : it's not August's fault, it's hers. They both admitted they thought it was over. She's a narcissist that fed him lies will ain't tell that Lady that the dynamics were different frog. She preyed on him being sick. Considering that Jada confessed, she took advantage of August on the red table talk, and fans began insisting that she'd been doing the same thing to will for years and years.

4. He's wrapped around her finger

He's wrapped around her finger to the point where he'll never leave her. Now I don't like speaking about people's marriages. But after what happened at the Oscars and on behalf of poor Chris Rock, we just have to say something because what we witnessed was not OK. For those of you who don't know, Chris Rock made a petty and empowering joke at the 2022 Oscars where he called out Jada and compared her bald head to GI Jane. Now, for context, the film tells the fictional story of the first woman to undergo special operations training similar to the US Navy seals.

The main character played by Demi Moore wore her hair in a shaved cut throughout the whole movie. When Chris Rock first delivered his joke, Will Smith laughed. But when will looked over and saw Jade's disappointed and disapproving reaction he walked right up to Chris Rock and publicly smacked him.

Poor Chris. Other celebrities were quick to speak on this and alluded that it was Jade's manipulation that made Will crack . We can't help but agree jada's always kept will on his feet, by publicly embarrassing him and making him jealous. If you didn't know Jada and Topac who died in the shooting in 1996, shared a very close friendship.

Old interviews of will expressing how jealous he was of Tupac and Jada's relationship began surfacing on the Internet after Will's outburst. And here's what he said at the time : " Though Pac and Jada were never intimate, their love for each other is legendary. I felt insecure and cowardly the way Jada loved Pac, rendered me incapable of being friends with him. "

Why will was maybe thinking ?

What would Tupac do ?

Walked right up to Chris Rock and slapped him ? We can't help but blame Jada, though she told the public that she and Pac were never intimate many people just didn't believe it.

And here's why. Back in 2012, Willow posted and deleted a screenshot of a letter she had written to Topac years ago. She wrote :

" dear Tupac, I know you are alive someplace. I think that my mommy misses you. Can you come back ? So Mommy and I can be happy. I wish you were here." Read more .

This letter resurfaced on the Internet and many people felt very sorry for Will, what was said behind closed doors to urge Willow to write a letter to a man that she'd never met. Topac had died years before this. We don't even want to begin to imagine what Jada was saying to Will Smith and the kids about Topac considering she publicly referred to him as her soulmate. Though she's been married to Will for over 20 years. Yeah, that's a metaphorical slap in the face that Will has to relive every day. And rather than leaving Will Smith with some dignity, Jade has gone on the red table talk countless times to embarrass her husband.

I think Jada Pinkett Smith, lured him away from his ex-wife and family in the beginning, and then did everything within her power to keep him, including allowing him to cheat in my layman's opinion, the entire marriage is based on her and her pesky ego full of unfulfilled dreams, excuse my language .

Now she has a hot topic to discuss on her red table talk show, while Will's career sits in turmoil, unsure of his next move. She was basically an actor who never made her mark in Hollywood, and as a result, continues to manipulate and deceive his accomplishments for her gain. We sadly can't help but agree with some of these harsh opinions and we also can't help but feel sorry for the people who got caught up in this like August Alsina and Chris Rock.

Will Smith's career is currently in jeopardy as he resigned from the Oscars and the Academy says its disciplinary proceedings will continue, which means that we'll could very well be stripped of the Oscar he won on Sunday.

I thing it time for Will Smith to finally let go of his marriage to Jada, And I don't think the Oscars should be taken from Will.

Thanks Fore Reading .

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