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How JANE Fixes the Hammer and Becomes WORTHY in THOR- LOVE AND THUNDER

How JANE Fixes the Hammer and Becomes WORTHY in THOR- LOVE AND THUNDER


Thor: Love and Thunder is almost here, and we're going to see Jane Foster become the Mighty Thor in the MCU. But how does Jane get Mjolnir? How does this connect to Thor's personal journey, and how was the hammer repaired? We have answers.

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By Maggie Watson
9 months ago
3 min Read

In the previous Thor Love Thunder trailer we got a glimpse of Jane Foster as the mighty Thor, and in this new awesome trailer we get to see a lot more of Jane in action. But the trailer doesn't give us any hints about how Jane becomes the mighty Thor, and not only that, but we have to talk about why the hammer choose Jane and doesn't go back to the war.

Also, how the MCU will address the tragic aspects of Jane becoming the mighty Thor, and that is for cancer, so let's talk about how all of this can play out in LOVE AND THUNDER .

Stories From Comics

Thor - " Never forget your first" .

Now before we get into how all this is going to play out in the movie, we have to talk about the story from the comics where Jane becomes the mighty Thor. Jane becomes worthy of the honor after Thor loses his worthiness.

That goes down in the original sense of the storyline or Nick Fury whispers to Thor that Gorr But the butcher was right and Gorr The God butcher will be the villain in Thor LOVEE AND THUNDER.

The Thing That Gorr was right about was that all gods are selfish and they just ruined things in the universe.

Gorr -"_ The only ones who god's care about is themselves_"

Deep down Thor kind of agree with what Gore was saying . So he loses his confidence in his godhood and feels unworthy. That makes him unworthy of Mjöllnir.

By the way this story come from Jason Aaron story line is one of the best in the comics, and I really hope that as MCU will adapt some of it for the film.

How Jane became worthy of Mjöllnir

After Thor becomes unworthy. Jane becomes the mighty Thor, and she proves that she is worthy of that title many times over , with her relics and her sacrifices, unfortunately becoming the mighty For Jane, Thor is both a blessing and a curse for him because she was diagnosed with breast cancer. When she is in her god form, her cancer is completely gone, but once she reverts back to human form, the cancer gets far worse.

So being in the Thor is literally killing her, and yet Jane keeps putting her life on the line to help others and be the hero.

And Taika Waititi confirmed that the movie will be sticking pretty closely to Jane's storyline in the comics, but clearly some things need to be adjusted for eleventh honor to work with the story in the movie .

How The Mighty Thor Will be done in The MCU ?

How Mjöllnir is Fixed By Jane ?

Well basically, let's address that. We take a close look at the hammer and it's clear that the hammer isn't actually fixed.

We can still see the cracks from it being destroyed, so it's not exactly reforged. It's more like the hammer pieces have been glued together, I guess by some combination of science or magic.

  • Who's Jane From Thor Love And Thunder ?

Jane is a very smart woman. She's a leading astrophysicist and astronomer, and she's an expert on all things related to Asgard.

She is the first human mortal who probably ever set foot on the ground of Asgard. All of those things are the reason why she received a Nobel Prize.

Jane worked on the shield for a while, so she probably picked up some tech that will come in handy when fixing a broken cosmic Hammer .

Jane will probably combine earth-based tech with Asgardian magic to reform the broken pieces.

Well, it's not the same as forging a magical hammer. The power of dying sun , Jane will figure out how to reforge Mjöllnir, which is far more complicated than supergluing the hammer pieces back together , because this is a magical hammer with all unique properties that need to work after the hammer is pieced together again.

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But I'm sure they'll make it work with nanotech, vibranium quantum energy, and as guardian magic tech.

Why Jane didn't come to New Asgard sooner To Help Thor

If you're wondering why Jane didn't come to New As Guard sooner, like when Thor was suffering from severe guilt depression, it's because Jane was dusted .

Jane - " _ it's been 3 or 4 years since he last saw Thor_ ". Thor - "_ 80 years 7 months and 6 days._".

This is why Jane says it's been 3 or 4 years since he last saw Thor. Also, remember that many Asgardians were killed by Hela, and then half of them were killed by Thanos. and Mjöllnir was destroy right next to new Asgard . So after the Asgardian arrived in Norway they probably collected the pieces of the Mjöllnir and keep it somewhere safe .

TO BE continue .... Comment down bellow .

How Jane Got her Powers ?

Exactly !! As for how Jane got her source powers, it's simple. Remember how when Steve left Mjöllnir, he basically became Thor , Well, you got source powers.

Thor-Infinity War : " Nah , Keep the little one ".

But let's not forget that lifting the owner is not something that just anyone can do.

How did Jane become worthy ?

Only those who are worthy can use the hammer, so how did Jane become worthy ? Well, I think there's something going on with Mjöllnir and lifting it is now more than just being worthy, because in the trailer Mjöllnir seemingly rejects Thor in favor of Jane.

What the Reason Why Mjöllnir choose Jane ?

The reason why Mjöllnir choose Jane as the new Thor in the comics , is that Thor became unworthy, but in the MCU Thor is still worthy and I doubt that the comics unworthy Thor storyline is going to happen in LOVE and Thunder.

After failing in Infinity War , Thor felt unworthy , let himself go, and became a little weird , crazy adventure inside.

During the time high Thor got a pep talk from his mom, allowing him to achieve his redemption arc, and him being able to summon Mjöllnir made him feel worthy again.

Which was a type of validation. It was a sign of his failures are forgiven and now he can forge a new path for himself and remember that Ragnarok was about the understanding that he's not defined by his hammer .

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