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From Reality TV to Bankruptcy: A Deep Dive into Daniele Gates' Financial Struggles


90 Day Fiancé star Daniele Gates files for bankruptcy, revealing a complex financial situation despite appearing to have it all. Get the full story and insights on her financial struggles.

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By Darcey Davis
a month ago
3 min Read

The 90 Day Fiancé franchise has taken the world by storm, capturing the hearts of audiences with its dramatic depictions of international relationships.

However, the lives of its stars are often just as dramatic, with Daniele Gates being a perfect example.

From Reality TV to Bankruptcy: A Deep Dive into Daniele Gates' Financial Struggles

Recently, In Touch reported that Daniele filed for bankruptcy, with assets of $22,420 and liabilities of $224,584. This article will delve into the financial struggles of this reality TV star and what led her to file for bankruptcy.

Financial Struggles: A Closer Look

Daniele Gates' bankruptcy filing, submitted in New York state on January 22, 2022, highlights her primarily consumer debts and $63,346 in student loan debt.

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Her monthly income is listed as $4,717, while her expenses come out to $6,017. This news comes a year after her controversial comments regarding her pension on the season 4 premiere of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way sparked financial drama.

Leaving Her Job for a New Adventure

During the January 29th premiere episode, Daniele announced her decision to quit her job as a public high school history teacher in New York City to move to the Dominican Republic with her husband Yohan Geronimo.

Despite the shock from her friends, Daniele explained that she needed to stay at her teaching job for one more year to receive an extra $15,000 a year in her pension when she retired.

Feeling Confident About Her Financial Stability

Daniele wasn't worried about her financial stability, as after 19 years of working for a municipal job in New York City, employees become eligible for a pension of at least $100,000.

She stated that she could borrow $100,000 from her pension to invest in a property in the Dominican Republic and then rent it out for $1,000 a week.

If she rented the property out for 50 weeks a year, she would have $50,000 at the end of one year, making a profit of $40,000 a year after deducting expenses.

The Leap of Faith

Despite the backlash from her friends and fans, Daniele took the leap of faith and moved to the Dominican Republic to live with Yohan, as she shared on her Instagram in June 2022, bidding farewell to New York City "forever."

Focusing on Her Passion and Career

Since moving to the Dominican Republic, Daniele has been focusing on her work as a coach for her wellness brand, Yinsa.

As a certified yoga instructor, she offers yoga therapy through the lenses of the chakra system and Ayurveda. It's unclear how Daniele's bankruptcy filing will impact her current financial situation, but she remains focused on her passion and career, regardless of the challenges she may face.


Q: How much does Daniele Gates make monthly?

A: Daniele Gates' monthly income is listed as $4,717 according to her bankruptcy filing.

Q: How much student loan debt does Daniele Gates have?

A: Daniele Gates has $63,346 in student loan debt according to her bankruptcy filing.

Q: What is Daniele Gates' current occupation?

A: Daniele Gates is currently a coach for her wellness brand, Yinsa, and a certified yoga instructor offering

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