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Ex-Husband in Jail : Ximena's Pregnancy story

Ex-Husband in Jail : Ximena's Pregnancy story


As to what Ximena meant when she stated she had her legs up in jail after seeing an ex-boyfriend before Mike on Facebook, many are a little perplexed by the statement.

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By Emma Watson
a year ago
3 min Read

In an episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, Ximena Morales revealed that she became pregnant before meeting her current fiance Mike Berk. This has left many viewers scratching their heads. New Yorker Mike, who had just made his 90 Day Fiancé debut in season 5 of the spin-off, was quickly adored by the audience.

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How Ximena Morales and Mike Berk met ?

Ximena and Mike they met online , they spend one to two years being long-distance lover, and that came to an end when they finally met in person in Colombia.

Ximena Morales and Mike Berk loving each other

What's Ximena Morales background ?

Ximena's background was revealed to the public before she could tell Mike about it. Ximena has had partners who were police officers, farmers, tattoo artists, and drug traffickers in the previous twenty years. Everyone, however, is taken aback by Ximena's tale of her ex-imprisonment boyfriend's .

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Mike, now 34, is eager to wed Ximena and begin a new life in the United States with her after spending his whole childhood being suffocated by his family. For her own boys' sake, Ximena looks on Mike for everything she needs, from food and rent , loans payments , an urgent need of new dining table.

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