Discover the Life and Legacy of Ken Miles' Son, Peter Miles | Blog Post


Explore the life and legacy of Ken Miles' son, Peter Miles, who followed in his father's footsteps with a passion for cars. Learn about Peter's career, contributions, and personal life in this detailed blog post.

Discover the Life and Legacy of Ken Miles' Son, Peter Miles | Blog Post
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When it comes to race car drivers and designers, Ken Miles is a name that is often remembered with reverence. His contributions to the automotive industry and his racing legacy are celebrated even today.

However, not many may know that Ken Miles had a son - Peter Miles. Despite maintaining a low profile, Peter Miles has followed in his father's footsteps with a deep-seated passion for cars and has made his mark in the automotive industry in his own unique way.

Ken Miles: A Legendary Race Car Driver and Designer

Ken Miles was a renowned race car driver who gained fame in the United States and beyond. He was also known for his role in designing some of Ford's top-performance cars in the 1960s.

His life was tragically cut short while testing one of Ford's new race cars, the Ford J-car. Despite this tragic turn of events, Ken Miles left behind a lasting legacy in the world of motorsports and automotive design.

Early Life and Tragic Loss: What Happened to Ken Miles' Son

At the tender age of 15, Peter Miles witnessed the devastating accident that claimed his father's life. It was a traumatic experience that had a profound impact on Peter's life. Losing his father at such a young age was undoubtedly challenging, but it also fueled his passion for cars and motorsports.

Peter Miles' Passion for Cars

Following the untimely death of his father, Peter Miles found solace in his father's love for cars. He developed a deep-seated passion for automobiles and was determined to carry on his father's legacy in his own way.

Despite not pursuing a career as a race car driver like his father, Peter's unwavering passion for cars has been a driving force in his life.

Following His Father's Footsteps: Peter Miles' Career in the Automotive Industry

Peter Miles embarked on a career in the automotive industry at a young age. He started working at the Troutman and Barnes custom car shop owned by his father's friend Dick Troutman in Culver City, California.

He spent 14 years honing his skills and gaining experience at the shop before eventually moving on to Precision Performance Inc. Peter's expertise in automotive mechanics and his innovative custom ideas soon gained him recognition in the industry.

In addition to his work at Precision Performance Inc., Peter Miles also served as a crew chief for off-road racing legend Ivan Stewart during the 1991 Nissan 400, which Stewart won.

Peter's contributions to the automotive industry have been significant, and he continues to awe enthusiasts with his motor skills and expertise.


Peter Miles' Current Whereabouts

Currently, Peter Miles resides in Monterey, California, with his family. Despite maintaining a low profile, he continues to make appearances in car shows and events, showcasing his passion for cars and his deep-rooted connection to his father's legacy.

In 2019, Peter was spotted in California posing with the GT40 that his father drove in 1966, further highlighting his unwavering love for automobiles.

Peter Miles also holds the position of executive administrator at billionaire Chip Connor's vintage car museum, which is estimated to be worth over $800 million.

Personal Life: Peter Miles' Family and Relationships

Peter Miles is blessed with a close-knit and loving family, with his devoted wife, Patti Montgomery Miles, always by his side. The bond between the couple is unwavering, and they are often seen supporting each other wholeheartedly in all their endeavors. Together, they have a precious daughter named Jamie Miles, who fills their lives with joy and laughter.

Peter and Patti share a deep passion for cars, which is well-known in their circle. They often indulge in their love for automobiles by attending car shows and events together, reveling in the beauty and history of vintage cars. This shared interest in cars has further strengthened their bond as a couple. Peter's daughter, Jamie, also shares her father's passion for cars and eagerly joins them on their car-related adventures, adding to the family's cherished moments.

While Peter Miles and his family lead a relatively private life, they hold a special place in his heart. They provide him with unwavering love, support, and companionship, creating precious memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

At the End

Peter Miles, the son of a legendary race car driver and designer Ken Miles, has made a significant impact in the automotive industry with his unwavering passion for cars.

Despite witnessing the tragic loss of his father at a young age, Peter has pursued his own career in the automotive field, showcasing his skills and expertise in various roles.

From working at custom car shops to serving as a crew chief in off-road racing and currently holding a position at a prestigious vintage car museum, Peter Miles continues to carry on his father's legacy and make his mark in the automotive world.

His story is a testament to the enduring impact and influence of Ken Miles and the Miles family's contributions to the world of motorsports and automotive design.

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