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Did Paul Staehle Kidnap His Son ? Update & What Really happened .


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By Maggie Watson
9 months ago
3 min Read

Paul Staehle and Karine Martins' marriage has been toxic for many years. Before they married, things were horrible. It has gotten worse in recent years. Images circulated on Friday suggesting that their eldest son, Pierre, was gone – and could be with Paul. Fans were shocked. Was this the real thing or a cruel forgery? What happened to Pierre and Ethan? Did Paul abduct his son?

Fans of 90 Day Fiance may imagine almost any scenario for Paul and Karine at this point. Even the worst-case scenarios are possible. We're talking about two extremely damaged people who have repeatedly accused each other of assault. According to the report on Friday, 3-year-old Pierre Staehle is missing.

Did Paul Staehle Kidnap His Son ? Update  & What Really happened  .

The story, which was widely disseminated by Missing People In America, claimed that he might be in Paul's company. In other words, Paul had been accused of kidnapping his own son, maybe in early June.

Pierre Staehle had gone missing.

This terrifying tale was frighteningly easy to believe. Paul has a lengthy history of bad decisions and strange conduct. It was up to 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates (who we're delighted to see is doing better) to figure out what was going on.

John Yates, 90 Day Fiance blogger

As my friends who were visiting me discovered, John Yates went live late Friday night (I thanked them for their patience). He disclosed that he had contacted Paul — John is well known for his dealings with the cast, both positive and negative. Though John stated that he had pictured Paul running around with Pierre, this is not the case. First and foremost, Paul was not missing, and based on the report, Pierre is not either.

(Of course, everything is filtered through John, and the source is Paul, but that is the best information we have at the moment.) Paul spoke to John at the courthouse. He was accompanied by his mother, Mary. According to Paul, he was granted full custody of both children in December of 2021. This agreement was made in response to disturbing videos that purported to show Karine physically abusing Paul.

A court had ruled at the time that the children were safest with Paul. That changed when Karine recently stated that Paul was attempting to murder her, according to Paul. (We know very little about this claim and would love to hear more from Karine's side.) Karine hasn't said anything about it... and supposedly spent Friday evening binge-watching Stranger Things. Paul told John that both of his children, Pierre and Ethan, were "available for adoption" at the moment.

We intend no insult to John, but he must have meant "getting emergency foster care placements." When there are concerns about a child's immediate safety and neither parent is found appropriate, courts will take this exceptional step.

According to John's Instagram Live report, the court ruled that Paul's family was also unfit. They may have evaluated Mary and others. While this would be a first for him, it's difficult to rule out anything with Paul and Karine.

We all had questions, especially because Paul wasn't exactly on the run. He'd been making typical (for Paul) social media posts. It's also likely that the court tried to restrict Paul's access but understood that relatives wouldn't cooperate. Pierre and Ethan are not with either parent, according to John Yates and Paul Staehle.

He and his mother were attempting to persuade the court to allow the boys to stay with a cousin. This is a reasonable concern. Some emergency foster care settings are just fantastic. Others are dreadful.

Paul Staehle, Pierre and Ethan are not with either parent

It can be traumatic for the youngsters in either case. It's also difficult for the rest of the family. Paul hinted to this in the early hours of Saturday morning, when he posted on his Instagram Story following John's Instagram Live. We are hopeful that family court will get to the bottom of this and do whatever is in the best interests of the children.

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