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Deavan Clegg's Son, Who Has Cancer, Rushed to Hospital with High Fever

Deavan Clegg's Son, Who Has Cancer, Rushed to Hospital with High Fever


Deavan Clegg is opening up about her son's recent health scare

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By Maggie Watson
4 months ago
3 min Read

The ex-90 Day Fiancée disclosed earlier this year that her son Taeyang had been diagnosed with leukemia, and on Sunday she shared a heartbreaking post about taking him to the hospital in an emergency.

Clegg, 26 at the time, posted a photograph of her 3-year-old son, whom she shares with ex Jihoon Lee, in his hospital bed with the message, "I'm very sorry to see you in such a bad place. Normally, I would never show anyone a picture like this. However, this is the truth. Basically, this is how things work in the real world."

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"We come from humble means. We don't have any sort of notoriety. We're just regular folks who were on a TV show three years ago " she declared. "Childhood cancer is a fact of life for us. Taeyang was sent to the ER last night after running a 102 degree fever. For youngsters undergoing chemotherapy, this can be fatal. It came as a shock to us when we learned he required a blood transfusion in the emergency room. Because he'd recently received a blood transfusion. I'll be haunted by the idea that he might not have woken up in the morning if I hadn't brought him."

As she elaborated, "Given that we are now in the midst of flu season, I'd want to stress the importance of maintaining a healthy level of personal hygiene. Please remain home if you're unwell, wash your hands frequently, and consider wearing a mask."

"Even though we are just a few days into December, I have already seen and heard the tales of many sick children in the hospital. What seems like a little cold to you might be fatal to a child "A clarification was provided by her. "The fact that my elder kid was hospitalized due to the same little illness that didn't effect my infant is terrifying. I, like most parents, worry constantly about my kids."

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