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Cast of 90 Day Fiancé who have changed their religion in order to marry their partners


These 90 Day Fiancé stars converted, or considered converting, to their partner's religion, changing the course of their relationship in the process.

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By Maggie Watson
8 months ago
3 min Read

Yve Arellano and Mohamed Abdelhamed of season 9 left fans in suspense after seeing a mosque in New Mexico. Mohamed insisted that Yve convert to Islam because he doesn't want to marry someone who won't prioritize him.

Viewers want to see whether independent Yve will agree to marry despite their religious differences or if they would put it off.

Cast of 90 Day Fiancé who have changed their religion in order to marry their partners

Cultural differences might be insurmountable for some 90-Day couples, particularly if they're religious.

In some relationships, these challenges are handled when one spouse embraces the other's beliefs.

These reality stars switched to their partner's faith, altering the direction of their relationships.

Elizabeth Potthast Castravet

Libby was astonished to find she needed to be baptized in Andrei's Orthodox Christian faith for their second wedding.

is Andrei and Elizabeth  still together ?

Libby wasn't eager to convert and didn't like the short notice. She remarked, "I don't know what it'll be like, but I'm willing to do it so we can complete our wedding." Libby's baptism was unenthusiastic, but the couple is still married... It's their second kid.

Aleksandra Iarovicova

Aleksandra and Josh had a difficult start, but they've become a lovely pair. Josh, a devout Mormon, met Russian go-go dancer Aleksandra on a mission trip in the Czech Republic.

is Aleksandra and Josh still together ?

When she met Josh, Aleksandra liked the nightlife. She converted to Mormonism and stopped partying once they started dating. She remained with his grandma when she went to the U.S. to honor his strict family's standards. Josh is a doctor and they have a daughter.

Kirlyam Cox

is Kirlyam and Alan still together ?

Kirlyam and Alan, despite their age gap, are one of the best 90 Day Couples of all time. Alan met Kirlyam's family in Brazil when she was a toddler while on a mission trip.

Alan's mission trip didn't convert Kirlyam's family. They were already Mormons. When Kirlyam was older, they reconnected in Brazil and fell in love. According to In Touch, the pair has subsequently emphasized that they didn't get romantically linked until Kirlyam was of legal age.

Avery Mills

Avery didn't convert to marry Omar Albakour, like Kirlyam. When Avery was 18, a work acquaintance introduced her to Islam. She converted and met her Syrian boyfriend, Omar, via a Muslim marriage app.

90 Day Fiance Avery didn't convert to marry Omar Albakour

Avery, a former cheerleader, has embraced Islam and utilizes social media to teach its practices. Once Omar's visa was accepted, the pair moved to New Jersey.

Alina Johnston

Alina and Steven Johnston debated religion on-air. Steven is a staunch Mormon.

90 day fiance  Alina Johnston

During the program, he disobeyed several of his faith's rules, including having pre-marital intercourse with many people.

Alina was unhappy because she planned to convert to Mormonism for Steven, who demanded it.

Once they returned to Russia, Alina would convert. It's unclear whether this occurred yet. Alina's parents scolded Steven about his hypocrisy. Instead of listening, he converted her to Mormonism. Steven should have listened to his parents on 90 Day.

Ariela Weinberg

Jewish Ariela and Orthodox Biniyam. Bini, whose family is devout, wanted to baptize Avi on the program. Ariela didn't like the notion of Avi getting baptized into a religion that believed in damnation.

90 day fiance Jewish Ariela and Orthodox Biniyam.

Ari hesitantly consented to baptize the infant. Just before the wedding, the couple realized Ari must also be baptized for Avi to join the religion. Ari nearly converted because to pressure from Bini and his family, but the priest baptized the infant without her converting. As the wedding date nears, many worry whether religion will come up again.

Yve Arellano (Yve and Mohamed)

Mohamed Abdelhamed isn't one of 90 Day's more likable stars. He criticizes Yve's friends, attire, and lifestyle and wants her to become Muslim. Yve, who is 20 years older than Mohamed, is not interested in converting.

Mohamed Abdelhamed isn't one of 90 Day's

After visiting a neighborhood mosque, she adds, "I will always support your religious life, but I expect the same from you."

Mohamed doesn't like her response and believes she should convert. Mohamed may offer Yve a conversion ultimatum. Yve is unmoved by his pleading.

Brittany Banks

Brittany Banks and Yazan Ab0 Horira were an odd couple. Instagram model and rapper Brittany met Yazan online. Brittany was occasionally there when his sister and Brittany's sister Facetimed abroad.

Brittany Banks and Yazan Ab0 Horira were an odd couple

Yazan, a staunch Muslim, that his future-wife convert to Islam quickly, giving her a 3-day opportunity to convert. Brittany was hesitant since her lifestyle conflicted with Jordan's traditional views, and his parents were unwelcoming when she visited. Brittany didn't convert, thus the couple broke up.

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