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Breaking News : Usman Gets Physical With His Potential Wife of 18 Years old , Kim, 67 , is in tears .

Breaking News : Usman Gets Physical With His Potential Wife of 18 Years old , Kim, 67 , is in tears .


We are not surprised that Solja boy is trying to cheat on his fiancé, what hurt is he is doing it on her face without any fear or respect to Kim . And Kim will continue buying him gift and cows . Let see what's really going on .

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By Darcey Davis
4 months ago
3 min Read

In this exclusive clip from the new episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? that will air on Sunday, Usman reveals that he is interested in a potential wife that his mother introduces him to, despite the fact that he previously stated that he was moved by Kim's recent proposal to him and accepted it.

In the video, Usman's mother introduces him to a woman named Fareedet, and despite the fact that he is involved romantically with Kim, Usman finds something attractive in Fareedet.

The fact that Kim is 51 years old and can no longer produce children is one of the primary reasons why Usman's mother does not want him to marry Kim. As a result, she wants Usman, who is 33 years old, to wed Fareedet, who is 18 years old.

The engagement has also been approved by Fareedet's mother. The initial few moments of Usman and Fareedet's encounter are unpleasant, but then Usman swiftly turns on the charm by asking Fareedet who his rivals are when it comes to potential suitors for her.

It is unthinkable, according to Usman, that nobody has "declared their love" for Fareedet, and she smiles nervously when she hears this.

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Usman says, "Seeing your beauty made me thrilled, and I wanted to go as soon as I came," but your attractiveness prevented me from doing so.

Usman tells cameras "Beautiful" best describes Fareedet.

"Fareedet is the type of person that I would like to continue on with if I didn't meet Kimberly," he adds. "But I did meet Kimberly."

As Usman and Fareedet continue their conversation, it comes as a nice surprise to him that they are both interested in having four children. In another statement, Fareedet expresses her desire to the cameras that Usman become her spouse.

She says, "As a woman, it has always been my ambition to be married and have children." "It has always been my wish to get married and produce children." "I hope that one day in the near or distant future, I will be able to call Usman my spouse. I cannot express how happy I am."

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