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Breaking News : Jenny and Sumit Fight Over His Refusal to Retire , Jenny Flies Home Without Sumit


Jenny and Sumit's 30-year age gap is causing marriage problems. Jenny was seen on a trip back to Palm Springs looking unhappy without Sumit. It appears the "90 Day Fiancé" couple had broken up. Read to learn more .

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By Emma Watson
6 months ago
3 min Read

63-year-old Jenny and 33-year-old Sumit are on their honeymoon in this exclusive clip( refer to the video on the binning of the article ) from the new episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? that will air on Sunday.

However, the romance is ruined when Sumit brings up the fact that he wants to go back to work while Jenny is comfortably retired. Jenny is able to spend her time doing whatever she wants.

Sumit claims that he wants to return to cooking as a profession and relaunch his food company with a buddy, just as he did before the COVID-19 outbreak. He explains to the cameras that even though Jenny has shown an interest in living life "in a retired fashion," he still considers himself to be in his productive prime and believes he should be earning a living.

Breaking News : Jenny and Sumit Fight Over His Refusal to Retire , Jenny Flies Home Without Sumit

After some time has passed, Jenny is taken aback when Sumit reveals to her that he intends to work six days a week. She responds to him right away by telling him that it is "too much," especially considering that she has her own retirement money coming in and is not financially dependent on him.

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She tells him, "We need to be together more than just one day a week because we're husband and wife and you're my spouse."

Sumit gives the response that, as it stands, he seldom does anything without her. She makes the observation that he is removing the element of romance from their honeymoon by discussing business and being absent from her presence.

Jenny says to the cameras, "I've worked really hard my whole life, and I've made a lot of sacrifices so that I could travel to India and live with Sumit." "My goal is to slow down and take pleasure in the company of my hubby.

I mean, I didn't go through all of this trouble to get married to Sumit so that he could leave me at home by myself for six days a week and go to work."

jenny & sumit now

Jenny Flies Home Without Sumit ?

Jenny Slatten was recently photographed on a flight to Palm Springs, California, without her spouse Sumit Singh, which might indicate a split. Jenny and Sumit established themselves as series mainstays after participating on many seasons of [90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way] and now, 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Jenny and Sumit are one of the franchise's most improbable couples, having overcome various challenges in their romance. Aside from their significant age difference, the two lack the backing of Sumit's family and have suffered financially.

Jenny and Sumit's relationship hasn't improved in [Happily Ever After]? season 7. Despite the couple's desire for a tranquil existence in India, Sumit's mother appears hell-bent on sabotaging their happiness. Sumit's failure to stand up to his parents has produced a huge schism in their marriage, and a recent event culminated with an intense brawl.

Jenny and Sumit appear to be happy and in love on social media, but appearances may be misleading. Some admirers believe the couple's Instagram persona does not reflect their reality, and considering everything Jenny and Sumit have been through, it would not be surprising if their relationship is on the edge of failing.

A new fan sighting has fueled new breakup speculations. Mermap, a Reddit member from NYC, said they were on a journey from New York City to Palm Springs when they noticed Jenny on the plane without Sumit, adding, "[Jenny] seemed somewhat unhappy." Some Redditors pointed out that Jenny frequently wears a sorrowful expression when resting, so there might be nothing wrong.

Many 90 Day Fiancé fans, however, were immediately dubious. When commentators prodded the original poster for further information, she said, "She was simply sitting in the middle seat, quite quiet, doing her own thing." She appeared to be depressed." Jenny has family in Palm Springs and used to live there, so several people thought it was interesting that city was her destination.

There are circumstances in which Jenny's solo flight was not the result of a split. However, the majority of such possibilities are illogical. Sumit may have attended the Tell All in person with Jenny, but why would Jenny travel to Palm Springs without him? Unless the pair has broken up, the scenario makes little sense.

Many 90 Day Fiancé watchers expected Jenny and Sumit to split up since the odds were stacked against them from the outset of their relationship. Season 7 of Happily Ever After? appears to be Jenny and Sumit's final appearance as a pair.

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