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Are they still on the farm ? What Are '90 Day Fiance' Stars Betty and Ron Gibbs Up to Now?


The cast of 90 Day Fiancé Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina didn't have the easiest time on the flagship TLC show with Brandon's parents, but Betty and Ron obviously left an impression on fans.

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By Emma Watson
6 months ago
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They solidified their place in fans' hearts by returning for spinoffs 90 Day Diaries and 90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk - but where are they now? Continue reading to find out what Betty and Ron are up to these days!

Ron and Betty made their series debut when their son Brandon fell in love with Julia, an international Go-Go dancer. The Russian beauty's first 90 days in America would be difficult, with disagreements about the future of their family land. Julia and Brandon eventually left the farm for their own tiny apartment in the city.

Are they still on the farm ? What Are '90 Day Fiance' Stars Betty and Ron Gibbs Up to Now?

During a March 2022 episode of 90 Day Diaries, Ron, however, gave Brandon and Julia the land on their terms. The property, which Ron and Betty described as "overwhelming," was becoming too much for them to handle as they grew older.

While the family has yet to reach an agreement, Ron disclosed severe health difficulties on the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 6 tell-all in August 2021, which was a key role in Brandon wanting to stay near his parents and help out more on the farm.

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Brandon and his father had already informed TLC followers of good news about his recovery. "I had a colonoscopy in 2020, which everyone should perform on a regular basis."

"Well, they did locate a little tumor, and it was diagnosed as cancer," Ron said on Instagram. "The good news is that I was able to get it removed because I found it early."

"I did go through thirty days of chemo and radiation to make sure we got everything," he said, "and then I took a CT scan approximately thirty days later, and at this point in time, I'm free and clear of any cancer, thanks to my fantastic doctor."

Although viewers haven't always been on the same page as Brandon's family, they were relieved to learn of Ron's growth and delighted to see him succeed. "That is really wonderful news!! I will remember you in my prayers and keep you in my thoughts. "Remain in God's grace," one individual wrote.

One more supporter commented, "So pleased everything turned out to be well. And sure, as much as we despise having our colons examined, we really must all have mammograms and colonoscopies.

In spite of the fact that Brandon had previously entertained the idea of taking over the management of the farm owned by his parents, the couple declared that they had moved even further away from Brandon's relatives, to beautiful Virginia Beach.

We uprooted our lives and relocated to Virginia Beach. "Now that we have applied to the bank to buy a property, we are waiting for a response," Julia posted through Instagram in July. "Now that we have applied, we are waiting for a response."

Although Brandon was presented with a promotion opportunity in his field, the couple ultimately decided against making the move to the Sunshine State.

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