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Anny and Robert's first child Ariel is in hospital ? . '90 day fiancé'.

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Anny Francisco, the actress of Pillow Talk, urged her Instagram fans to offer prayers for the baby of her 90 Day Fiancé spouse Robert Spring, who is now in the hospital.

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By Marta Carmel
a year ago
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Anny Francisco, actress of 90 Day Fiancé, has appealed to her followers for support  after disclosing that the newborn boy Adriel Hassan, whom she and Robert Springs had in September, is in the hospital. Anny is from the Dominican Republic and met Robert, a single parent, on Facebook before being a part of 90 Day Fiancé season 7.

Anny and Robert's first child Ariel is in hospital ? . '90 day fiancé'.

Robert, a rideshare driver, had chosen to take a cruise to meet Anny for the first time, and they were engaged within eight hours of their first encounter. While raising his son Bryson, Anny and Robert were married in July 2020 and brought their daughter, Brenda Aaliyah, into the world. Despite the fact that her second pregnancy was more difficult, Robert had hailed her as a "real fighter" at their first meeting.

In contrast, Anny had to go through a flurry of checks when she was pregnant with Adriel, while Robert became a parent for the ninth time. She had previously revealed to 90 Day Fiancé viewers that she was suffering from sciatica pain. While participating in an Instagram Ask Me Anything session, Anny disclosed that she was unable to walk straight owing to the discomfort she was experiencing along the course of her sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back down her hips and down her legs. It was Robert's responsibility to assist Anny in getting out of bed and doing other responsibilities. "Everything for my kid," Anny had said as she anticipated the birth of her child in less than a month's time.

Anny and Robert  baby , 90 day fiancé season...

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Anny shared gorgeous images of newborn Adriel in September, when she formally disclosed his name and presented him to the public, and 90 day Fiancé fans were delighted. Anny, on the other hand, has scared her admirers with her last Instagram Story post, which included a snapshot of Anny holding Adriel in a hospital bed. It was their fourth day in the hospital, the young mother informed her followers."He's a bit better today," Anny said. Adriel is a "strong baby," she added, and she is praying for him. Anny said, "I want everyone [of] you to support me." She pleaded with her fans to hope that she will be able to return home with a healthy baby Adriel soon.

While Anny hasn't provided any more information regarding Adriel's sickness or treatment since then, 90 Day Fiancé viewers have reached out to her and Robert, offering prayers and comforting comments to the couple. Many admirers have responded to the blog article by blogger 90dayfiancénow, which discussed Anny's Story, with comments such as, "Stay strong Robert and Anny. "Get well soon, little one," and "Be strong, little one." "I'm sending positive vibes to everyone." Many people seem to be taken aback by this news and are interested in finding out what happened to Anny's kid Adriel, who was abducted.

Nevertheless, the most essential thing right now is for the young Adriel to recover quickly and return home safely to be with his mother and father, as well as his other siblings. While participating in the 90 Day Fiancé program in 2019, Robert and Anny have had their fair share of ups and downs.

Robert had five children with four different women before meeting Anny, which resulted in a lack of trust between the two of them. Anny recently admitted that her marriage to Robert isn't ideal, which was a rare admission for her. Robert and Anny, on the other hand, have battled through all of the challenges in their relationship to demonstrate how suitable they are as partners and as parents. What is the sickness that Anny and Roberts from the 90 day fiancé has ?

_Fans are aware that Anny and Robert are resilient and will emerge from their difficult situation shortly. Newborn Adriel, like his mother, is a warrior, and his admirers are certain that the adorable baby boy will make a full recovery soon.

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