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Angela Deem's  Could Be Banned from TLC for  "domestic violence" & "Attacks" against Michael

Angela Deem's Could Be Banned from TLC for "domestic violence" & "Attacks" against Michael


Angela Deem once again found herself targeted by the 90 Day Fiancé fandom , TLC Under pressure more than ever to fire Deem's , and there’s some real outrage over her behavior. Jayson Haedrich Producer of 90 Day Fiancé Interview & much more

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By Maggie Watson
5 months ago
3 min Read

Angela eventually confronted her husband Michael Ilesanmi in the newest episode of Happily Ever After? after going to Nigeria unexpectedly to question him about his personal Instagram page, which he put up without her consent.

What ensued was a vicious brawl between the two, and supporters are so outraged by Angela's actions that they are unable to remain silent.

Angela arrived at Michael's house and pulled parts off his car while cursing him till he appeared with members of his family. Angela then approached Michael and began pushing him, and it took Michael's family members and members of the 90 Day Fiancé production team to break them up.

Angela and her companion were ultimately removed from the premises, but not before Angela informed Michael she'd be back for the automobile she'd purchased for with her money.

Angela excused her actions in front of the camera by saying her spouse had broken her heart, but fans weren't convinced, and many thought her actions were inappropriate:

WTAF???This is domestic abuse.Period. Angela is disgusting. #90DayFiance October 10, 2022

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Angela indicated before to this trip that she traveled to Nigeria to see whether her marriage was still intact or if she should move on to a new Canadian man named Billy with whom she had been communicating over the internet.

Although Billy did not appear in the most recent episode, viewers brought him up when criticizing Angela's motivation for calling Michael out.

90 Day Fans of Angela's fiancé were quick to point out that she didn't do much talking or thinking things out, instead flying for several hours in a plane to practically wreck her husband's automobile.

Angela took Michael's license plates off, among other things, probably so he couldn't drive it around town.

If you've seen 90 Day Fiancé, you'll know that Angela Deem isn't afraid to try new things. She allegedly displayed her breasts at Michael's aunt during an argument and has previously threatened other cast members who have criticized her behavior of Michael.

This recent incident isn't shocking, but viewers are questioning why TLC keeps allowing her to appear on the show given her history of troublesome conduct.

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