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Angela Deem Shows Off New Lip Implants She Had Done

Angela Deem Shows Off New Lip Implants She Had Done


Angela Deem, of 90 Day Fiancé fame, just got lip fillers and seems to be feeling great about her new look.

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By Maggie Watson
6 months ago
3 min Read

The 90 Day Fiancé celebrity is apparently obtaining additional facial cosmetic treatments after receiving significant reaction on social media for marketing a bogus wrinkles removal product, at which time all fans already knew that the meemaw had a facelift.

90 Day Fiancé star Angela Deem

Fans should know that Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi got back together after a short hiatus; they had been experiencing problems while living in a long-distance marriage, and things grew even more problematic with the delay of Michael's spousal visa. This is before we discuss Meemaw's new projects.

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Despite Michael's assurances via Instagram live that his visa application is still being processed, there is still a significant risk that it will be denied again, making it likely that the couple will have to start the divorce process because Michael will never be able to reunite with his older wife in the United States.

Now that the meemaw is 56 years old, it is no longer possible for her to carry Michael's child, even if she were to find an egg donor in the future. I think Michael's aunt Lydia was right when she suggested that Michael, a young Nigerian man, find a young wife in his home country who would be willing to give him children and a loving family.

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