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Angela Deem Planning New Cosmetic Surgery | 90 Day Fiance

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Angela Deem is about to undergo yet another transformation in terms of her physical appearance. 90 Day Fiance Chaos .

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By Robert Pattin
a year ago
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Angela initially appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days in Season 2. Before the 90-day period with her then boyfriend, Michael llesanmi from Nigeria. Fans followed her as she flew to Nigeria to visit Michael. When Michael's visa was refused, the couple married in his native country in order for him to get a spousal visa.

Angela Deem Is About To Transform Her Appearance Once More

Angela returned to the United States after they married. Angela has had a number of procedures after her homecoming, one of which being a breast reduction surgery, which she subsequently reversed. Angela is seen in a 90 Day Diaries teaser film in the doctor's office, ready for a fresh operation. "The treatment I'm looking for is the most crucial one ever."

Angela Deem  Planning New Cosmetic Surgery | 90 Day Fiance

Angela Deem Seems To Be Preparing For Another Cosmetic Surgery

"If I could go back in time, I would have done this treatment before this one." She was alluding to her recent breast surgery. Angela mentioned that her teeth were a source of great worry for her since she had lost two teeth when she was 18 and her teeth were deteriorating owing to health conditions such as menopause and smoking. This isn't the first time smoking has caused Angela problems.

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Angela underwent weight reduction surgery in August 2020 and was concerned about how her skin wrinkled as a result of the weight loss; she then discussed with her doctor the possibility of obtaining a facelift to clear her face of loose facial muscles. However, Angela's cosmetic surgeon, Dr. David Saddat, rejected since Angela had not stopped smoking.

Angela got dismal news about her recent desire for dental surgery; she disclosed that acquiring a transplant is almost difficult due to the bone structure of her jaw deteriorating. This was discovered when her doctor performed an X-ray. "You need bone to get implants, and that's my biggest concern, that I don't have any bone."

At the conclusion of the teaser footage, the 56-year-old expressed disappointment. Angela also said that Michael was unaware of her tooth issues and that she hoped to get the surgery done before he left for the United States.

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