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90 Day Fiance : Why do people wonder why Shaeeda, who is 38, has never been married ?

90 Day Fiance : Why do people wonder why Shaeeda, who is 38, has never been married ?


I got so annoyed when his sister was like “she’s been engaged twice what’s wrong with her ?” Girl your brother went and got FULLY MARRIED twice. Wtf ?

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By Maggie Watson
9 months ago
3 min Read

On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Shaeeda and Bilal's ex-wife, Shaeeda , had an unpleasant talk about the prenup Bilal wants Shaeeda to sign before they marry. While the two ladies had previously met and were cordial, it is evident that the prenuptial agreement has had an impact on their relationship.

Shaeeda is divided about the prenup Bilal wants her to sign, pointing out that she has her own assets, such as a thriving yoga business in Trinidad and Tobago. Her sisters also pushed her to include her own criteria in the prenup before signing, such as the desire to have a child before the age of 40. Shaeeda is 37 years old and has never married or had children, but Bilal, 42, has two children with his ex-wife.

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Shaeeda stated in Sunday's show that she wanted to establish a good connection with Shahidah because she is the mother of Bilal's children. When Shahidah phoned and requested to speak with her while Bilal was at work, she was worried. Shahidah informed Shaeeda that she thought they needed to talk because she was not just Bilal's ex, but also his buddy. Shaeeda informed reporters that Shahidah was approaching her "with an attitude."

"I'm grinning like the Cheshire Cat. I sensed something was up since she wasn't making eye contact "She stated.

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