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90 day fiancé : What's  Mahogany Roca  hiding ?

90 day fiancé : What's Mahogany Roca hiding ?


Mahogany Roca, Ben Rathbun's girlfriend, who lies about her appearance in real life by using extensive filters on Instagram, has lied about her true age.

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By Robert Pattin
a year ago
3 min Read

Although 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days fans haven't met her yet, Peruvian Mahogany Roca has sparked everyone's curiosity, with many curious about her Instagram profile.

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First : What People Need To Understand About Ben and Mahogany's Story

I know there's been speculation that Mahogany is an actress (and maybe Ben too is just doing this for his resume), but I cannot get over how slimy this guy is portraying himself to be.

Let's say for a second Mahogany is a real person and these two were texting for 3 months. First red flag is he went to Peru even though Mahogany told him not to.

Then, without her permission, he goes to her hometown and creeps on her there, again even though she tells him not to. If I were Mahogany, I would be so scared. This guy I thought was a million miles away and who would have no contact with me IRL is now in my town, probably at a restaurant I've been to.

I think it's smart for her to not take him to her real house, because we all know he'd probably be watching her sleep through her window at night if he knew where she lived.

It's also disgusting how he was fine being with her when she was 24, but her being 22 makes it weird because his daughter is currently 22. What an absolute creep. As if those 2 years make a difference here.

Even if they are both actors, I honestly don't see how it benefits anyone to portray a literal predator on-screen, preying on a young woman. Like is this supposed to be a PSA or something?

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