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90 Day Fiance : Stars Emily And Kobe Just Broke The Rules, Tell All Spoilers


Emily and Kobe, the 90 Day Fiance pair, are now officially engaged.

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By Darcey Davis
8 months ago
3 min Read

Emily and Kobe, the 90 Day Fiance pair, are now officially engaged. One may assume that at this time, the wedding should be the only thing on their thoughts.

This, unfortunately, is not the case. Kobe and Emily are now in a terrible predicament. They may have to defy their parents in order to go forward with the wedding.

90 Day Fiance : Stars Emily And Kobe Just Broke The Rules, Tell All Spoilers

Kobe and Emily back story relationship ?

The pair fell in love in China. Emily worked as a teacher, while Kobe was pursuing a modeling career. Their relationship resulted in an unintended pregnancy, but Kobe was a responsible man. He was in love with Emily and proposed to her.

Because of the outbreak of COVID, Kobe was unable to travel to America from Cameroon as promised. Emily gave birth to a boy after a few months, and she and her parents were responsible for the child's upbringing.

Two years later, Kobe moved to America to live with his new family. He had no idea what he was getting himself into. Emily has evolved into a pretty domineering person over the years.

Emily Has Become Independent

As it turns out, Emily has gotten used to being alone in this parenting journey. She has been doing quite well without Kobe that she even forgot he was there. Aside from getting to know his son, Kobe wanted to spend time with Emily.

But it wasn’t possible because they always fought a lot. Kobe got tired of her controlling nature, and he told her to shut the F*** up. Fans saw that Emily had trust issues. It showed up when she believed Kobe could pick the best engagement ring.

So what did she do? She bought her own. When Kobe proposed, Emily confessed what she did to him. It was very disappointing, but now they have to team up and face the challenge before them. Fortunately, it’s a road they’ve traveled before.

is kobe and emily still together

They Went Against Their Parents’ Wishes

Before this issue, Emily’s parents were taking care of the child, and they warned the couple not to get pregnant. However, it seems their words fell on deaf ears.

A video clip shared by TLC showed that Kobe and Emily are finally setting the ground rules before they get intimate. Kobe didn’t want his girl to take birth control pills because he was concerned that it would affect her fertility.

To solve this issue, Emily told him that she had an app that helped her know when she was ovulating. Something went wrong, and they’re on their way to getting a pregnancy test.

Kobe is very scared as Emily’s parents told them they could do anything, but they shouldn’t get pregnant. Kobe is very worried as he has spent all his money on Emily’s engagement ring and can’t support a new baby.

Inside sources have claimed that the couple showed up with a new baby at the tell-all. Fans are interested to see how Emily’s family will react to this news. What’s your take on this story? Let us know.

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